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Pensar en alquilar apartamentos turísticos y vacacionales en Alcudia, es pensar en Tripkay. En nuestra web descubrirás una cuidada selección con las mejores opciones de alojamiento para disfrutar con todas las comodidades y el lujo de tu estancia vacacional en este bello municipio mallorquín situado a orillas de la costa mediterránea.

Utiliza nuestro buscador para encontrar el alojamiento que buscas junto a las mejores playas de Mallorca y disfrutarlo con tu pareja, tus amigos o tu familia, con todas las comodidades y servicios a tu alcance y sintiéndote como si estuvieras en tu propia casa, sin las imposiciones y restricciones que tiene un hotel convencional.

Descubre apartamentos turísticos para alquilar totalmente equipados con piscina y con cocina incluidos, incluyendo elementos tales como tostadora, horno, lavavajillas, microondas, nevera, lavadora, cafetera, plancha, hervidor de agua... Además en nuestros apartamentos encontrarás también piscina comunitaria, jardín para disfrute de niños y mayores, terraza privada, chimenea... ¡e incluso una barbacoa!

Y para que puedas disfrutar de tus vacaciones en Alcudia teniendo a tu alcance todo lo necesario, nuestros alojamientos tienen todos los servicios que necesitas: farmacia, taxi, autobús, supermercados, bares, restaurantes... y por supuesto, las mejores playas de Mallorca.

No olvides además nuestros servicios también incluidos sin coste alguno para ti, como por ejemplo cuna y silla para bebés, ropa de cama, toallas, gastos de electricidad y limpieza final, y por supuesto acceso a Internet con conexión WiFi. Disfruta del sonido del mar y de las magníficas vistas de nuestros apartamentos, relájate en sus terrazas o en una tumbona en la playa, y comienza ya a disfrutar de tus vacaciones soñadas.


Port d'Alcúdia is a coastal urban area of the municipality of Alcúdia, located in the northern part of the island of Mallorca. This municipality, which belongs to the Comarca de Raiguer borders Pollença, Sa Pobla and Muro and has a total population of almost 20,000 inhabitants.


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What to do and see in Alcúdia

One of the things that you´ll want to do when you reach your vacation spot is to relax sunbathing on the beach, and in Port d'Alcúdia you have a variety of beaches to satisfy your desires: from long sandy beaches to small coves of fine stones. Although it is difficult to choose between the fantastic beaches it offers, we will choose two of them. The first is the beach of Alcanada, which features small pebbles and clear waters. With just 200 meters long and 20 wide, it is flanked by a pine forest that allow you rest in the shade.

In addition, just one hundred and fifty meters from the shore is the islet of Alcanada, which features a beacon that illuminates the sunrise and sunset, allowing visitors to see a beautiful picture that not everyone can see. In addition, its proximity to the island allows people to swim. The other alternative we have chosen, a quieter one, is a wonderful tailor-made spot for those who love nature and the beach. We are talking about Coll Baix, one of the most beautiful rarities of Mallorca. To get there you have to walk a few kilometers along a path surrounded by pine trees and large stones. As you get near the end of the road, the spectacular scenery will show up before your eyes. Coll Baix is ​​a beach surrounded by towering vertical walls of stone, slightly higher than the previous but much quieter.


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What to eat and drink in Port d'Alcúdia


The traditional Mediterranean cuisine of the Balearic Islands, which is varied and tasty, features a wide range of dishes with ingredients from both land and sea. In the various restaurants of Port d'Alcúdia you can enjoy the tastiest specialties of the place, whatever your preferences. If you want to delight by tasting the fish fresh from the area, a good option to try is the fried mullet, which accompanied by a delicious salad and a glass of white wine, will make you feel completely satisfied. As for the meat dishes, the most typical of the island are lamb or roast goat, along with the wide variety of local sausages from the island, including the famous sobrasada or camaiot.


Port d'Alcúdia is one of the most touristy towns of this population, given its proximity to the wonderful Alcudiences beaches and the Albufera Natural Park. It has a significant amount of rental accommodation along with an extensive network of amenities including restaurants, shops, and golf courses.


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What to do with children in Port d'Alcúdia

One of the things your children will enjoy the most in your holiday is a visit to the beach, as they adore sand and water in summer, and will love to burrow or build castles and canals. But this is not all you can do in Port d'Alcúdia with your children. If you like the sea and water games, they will surely be fascinated if you take them to the Hidropark, a water park where they can enjoy water slides, wave pools and playgrounds. And if you prefer to have fun with them without getting wet, visit the mini golf area of the park where your children can practice their first strokes.

In addition to these unforgettable coasts, four kilometers from Port of Alcudia is the Parque Natural de s'Albufera, and in the territory of the municipality are several protected areas due to their natural relevance. All this will give you the privilege to be surrounded by a wealth of ecosystems, a significant number of bird species and a large floral variety near your rental apartment. One of these areas is the Puig de la Victoria, which along with other spots, form a small and beautiful peninsula that separates the bays of Pollença and Alcúdia. Another worthy area to comtemplate is the Puig de Sant Martí, where numerous walking, bicycle and even horseback tours are organized. And if you are brave and want to enjoy spectacular views of the Natural Park and the Mediterranean Sea, you can climb to the top of the mountain to do paragliding or hang gliding.


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How to get to Port d'Alcúdia

Once you have everything prepared and organized for your holiday, you only need to know how to get to your rental apartment. Most probably, you will travel to the island by plane, but you can also do it by boat. Whatever option you choose, your first footsteps on the island will be in the city of Palma de Mallorca. From there, you have to go to Port d'Alcúdia.

Your first alternative is to use the public transport. To do this, go to the Estación Intermodal de Palma and take the bus 351, which will take you to your destination in about an hour and a quarter.

If you prefer to get a vehicle to move at will throughout your holiday take the Ma-13 and drive for about fifty minutes.

Once there, just unpack and start enjoying your holiday.

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