Campanet is a municipality of Mallorca located at the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana, on the inside of the northeast of the island, specifically in the region of El Raiguer. Campanet is surrounded by the municipalities of Selva, Escorca, Pollença, Sa Pobla and Búger, and has a population of just over 2,500 inhabitants.


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What to do and see in Campanet

The biggest attraction that has this town, without doubt, are its caves. Although they are not totally massive, we are talking about the best preserved caves of the island, since they were not discovered until 1945. Before its discovery, the only access to the caves was a hole of about fifteen centimeters in diameter, so, except the entrance, they largely retain their original appearance. You should not miss this spectacle of nature that will allow you to delve into the bowels of the earth.

Having seen the caves, you can use the opportunity of being near the valley of Sant Miquel to stay around, where it breathes an atmosphere of peace that will allow you to relax completely. In the valley, you can also visit the Church of Sant Miquel, built in Gothic style in the thirteenth century.

Back to your rental apartment you will have the opportunity to see, in the town center, the traditional architecture of the villages of the Sierra de Mallorca, as well as old houses as the Posada de Massana or de Biniatró.


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What to eat and drink in Campanet

Among the cuisine of Campanet, the most prominent feature is the production of traditional Mallorcan sausages, especially the "camaiot" much less known than the sobrasada or morcilla blanca, but that tastes just as intense. A mixture of Mallorcan sausages, accompanied by a good red wine, will satisfy the desires of your palate and your stomach.

Moreover, Campanet is a growing area of figs and almonds of excellent quality. You can eat them in their original form, but in summer it is very common to see people enjoying eating homemade ice cream, made of fig and toasted almond.


Contrary to what most people think, the name of the town doesn’t derive from the word campana (bell), but it is a mozarabismo, derived from the Latin word "capanna" and the Arabic plural "kapanät" which means "group of cabins”. This fact shows that this municipality has been inhabited since time immemorial.


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What to do with children in Campanet

There are many activities you can do in the municipality of Campanet to have fun with your children. First, they will surely love the visit to the caves. They will feel like real explorers visiting the depths of the caves and strolling through each of its rooms.

Another activity that is usually among the favorites of children is cycling, as Campanet and its surroundings offers an extensive network of rural roads, such as the Camí Vell d'Inca, el Camí d'Ulleró or Camí de na Pontons among many others. Thus, you can rent a bike or, if you prefer walking to cycling, there are a lot of routes in the nearby Sierra de Tramuntana for walking. And if you want to stay close to your rental apartment, the town has a football field (artificial grass), tennis courts, swimming pool and even a small climbing wall.

Campanet possibly is one of the few holiday destinations in which you will not mind if it rains. Ses Fonts Ufanes, the most notorious hydrogeological phenomenon of the island, is a set of intermittent springs passing through the middle of an oak grove.


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How to get to Campanet

This time you have chosen your holiday destination in the Balearic Islands, so first you will have to make a trip by plane or boat to get to Palma de Mallorca. Once there, you have to know how to get to your rental apartment in Campanet, either by using public transportation or renting a vehicle.

In you go by bus, go to the Intermodal Station to take the bus 390, which in its first stop, about twenty minutes later, will leave you in Inca. From there, without leaving the station, take the bus 333, that after about ten minutes will stop in Campanet.

If you prefer the comfort of a private car, you can take the Ma-13 and you'll be at your destination between thirty and forty minutes.

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