El Gastor is a municipality in the province of Cádiz, Andalucía. It is located between the rivers Guadalete and Guadalporcún, situated at an altitude of 590 meters and 131 kilometers of Cádiz. It is known as el Balcón de los Pueblos Blancos for the spectacular views offered from the Monte de El Algarín and the top of the Grajas. In addition, it is part of the White Towns of Andalucía. It has a population of 1,803 people and an area of 28 km2. Among the celebrations or festivals of El Gastor a highlight is Corpus Christi.


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What to do and see in El Gastor

One of the most remarkable monuments of El Gastor, being a mandatory stop for tourists who rent accommodation in the area, is the tomb of megalithic architecture called Dolmen del Gigante. It has large vertical ortostatos and menolíticas covers. One should also see Iglesia de San José featuring a neoclassical 18th century style. It is one of the signs of religious Andalucían architecture of those years. It consists of a rectangular nave with a vault and altar formed by a dome.

Tourists who rent an apartment in El Gastro usually visit Molino de Aceite to see how the oil consumed in the municipality is generated. La Cueva de Fariña is located at the foot of Tajo de Algarín. Here flint remains of prehistoric man were found. Another cave of El Gastor is la Cueva del Susto, where there is a deep pit and underground lake.

Rental apartments in El Gastor

What eat and drink in El Gastor

The cuisine of El Gastor is varied. Dishes include meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Among the most outstanding dishes of this town are the Pollo Campero, aceitunas aliñadas, sopas pegás, castañas asadas and guisote. As you can see, recipes are varied and aimed at different times of the day. This is one aspect that makes cooking so characteristic of El Gastor. As for drinks, beer is the most demanded both by the town's inhabitants and tourists who come to the area in search of tranquility.


El Gastor is well known for its relationship with sport. Many youths in the municipality practice athletics at the regional level. In addition, it is common for sports competitions to be held here, including Pin Pon, with the aim of promoting sport and healthy living. Sporting events are aimed at adults and youth. The origins of El Gastor date back to prehistoric times when man's presence was first confirmed in this county. Also, this fact is proved by archaeological discoveries of Dolmen del Charcón known as "Tumba del Gigante”.


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What to do with children in El Gastor

El Gastor offers the possibility of doing outdoor activities with the little ones, so many families rent an apartment in the town. In this municipality is Ruta de La Piedra, la Ruta de la Teja, Ruta de las Columnas and Ruta Acinipo. Each of these places offers a different type of landscape and nature, with what children learn while doing tours. Moreover, these routes give the possibility of camping, seeing the sea, flying kites, etc.

As already mentioned, El Gastor is associated with sports. It is the ideal place to forget your sedentary lifestyle during the holidays and activate the body. In addition, children will be in contact with people of their age and socialization and teamwork is encouraged. It is likely that children will want to return to El Gastor, at the same rental apartment, to relive the same experiences and return to reunite with their summer friends.


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How to get to El Gastor

El Gastor awaits thousands of tourists each year, at different times of the year, who have spent months looking forward to their trip. As holidays approach, planning begins to take place. One of the top priorities is renting accommodation in El Gastor, followed by knowledge and choice of the most convenient route to this town in the province of Cádiz.


If you divide the map of Spain in three parts, west, east and center you can find three reference points to reach El Gastor. From the west, let’s place León as a starting point. In this case you have three routes available. One is taking the A-66 from start to finish or as you approach El Gastor you can link it with the N-502. Another option is to take the A-4 directly.


If you start from Madrid, you can take the A-4 and go along this road from the start to the end of the ride or catch previously the N-420 and then engage the A-4. It is also possible to get to El Gastor by the A-5 and then the A-66.

From Valencia, three highways go straight to the Gastor. These are the A-4, A-7 and A-92. The choice will depend on which route is more pleasant to each driver and the time you are willing to spend inside your vehicle.


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