El Palmar is a rural town located in the municipality of Vejer in the region of La Janda (Cádiz), Andalucía. It is located along 8 kilometers of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Until the 90s, the economy of El Palmar was based mainly on agriculture.


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What to do and see in El Palma

The beach of El Palmar, with its fine golden sand, is one of the largest in the region of La Janda. It covers an area of 4,200 meters in length and an average width of 80 meters. Its waters are crystal clear and shallow. In the surroundings you can find restaurants, pharmacies, several establishments and rental apartments. In addition, it is equipped with first aid and rescue stations, cleaning service, police, parking, etc.

El Palmar beach has natural dunes that separate zones of others. With the aim of preservation, they have included footbridges and has been awarded the "Q" for Tourism Quality by the Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism.

This beach is visited by a large number of fans of surf, kite surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Its geographical location along the Strait of Gibraltar gives perfect conditions for the realization of these sports. These sports are practiced in a space bounded by the area of ​​La Torre. The rest of the beach is ideal to swim at, since it’s almost free of tourists.


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What to eat and drink in El Palmar

The cuisine of El Palmar is considered as one of the strengths of this area. Many tourists visit El Palmar in order to taste their dishes and go to rest at the rental with the tour “to-dos” done. The cuisine is based mainly on red tuna, meat and vegetables. The dishes are often enlivened with olive oil. Among the most notable dishes include grilled meats and simmered stews.


In winter the most common dishes are typically game meats with which they make stews of rabbit or partridge with rice or Venao en salda. In spring, the most frequent are beans, peas and artichokes stewed. And in summer, tourists have the opportunity to try retinto meat grilled and grilled fish. To accompany the meal, wine bottles "fly" in restaurants.


Today, the main source of income of this rural town is tourism. Therefore, El Palmar has included in its cultural, entertainment and a wide variety of gastronomic restaurants, water sports, places for drinks, rental accommodation, etc.


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What to do with children in El Palmar

El Palmar is a great tourist destination to rent an apartment and go with children. The smallest of the household will enjoy having great times when they go to the beach. There are many possibilities for fun for the kids. In the water you can dive, mounted on airbeds or play ball with other children or family members. Out of the water, children can play with usual beach toys and go about making castles or other structures in the sand. They can also dig holes in the sand.

With its family, children can play paddle ball, bocce or fly a kite. This is bound to make a great group of friends on holiday in El Palmar, as it is a busy area for families with children. In addition to these activities, families may accompany their children in search of shells, boat trips or diving.

Children are also interested in the history of Torre de Almenaras, so a visit to this area will arouse great interest in them to begin creating their own stories. Finally, families tend to find water parks for the enjoyment of both younger and adults.


Apartments for rent in El Palmar

How to get to El Palmar

Having booked your accommodation rental, it's time to head for El Palmar. Tourists come from all parts of Spain, so it is advisable to know well how to reach your destination from anywhere.

It is common for paths to cross in Madrid or tourists to leave directly from this point. In this case you can take the A-5 and then the A-66 which includes tolls with the A-4 or N-420 and then connect with the A-4.

Another point, further west of Spain, would be Zamora. The most direct, short and recommended path would take the A-66, although it is also possible to make a short stop in the neighboring country and then go to El Palmar by the A23 and A-66 road.

And from Valencia, you can take directly the A-44 or link to it after taking the A-31. Another option is to El Palmar by the A-7.

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