Ampuriabrava also called Empuriabrava, which is the Catalan name that was officially accepted, is a town of Girona, located in the region of Alto Ampurdán, between the townships of Rosas and San Pedro Pescador. It features nature at its best. This is what Empuriabrava offers to the tourists, including millions of sights and activities that will drive crazy those tourists who do not like to stop at any moment.


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What to do and see in Empuriabrava

One of the main attractions of a holiday in Ampuriabrava is its beach. It is well prepared for tourism, featuring services such as showers, toilets, parking, access for the disabled, car and bicycle parking, playground, relief points, restaurants, etc. It has obtained the Blue Flag, an international award by the ADEAC-FEE foundation, aimed at achieving sustainable development for tourism and proper environmental management of the municipality coast.

In addition, the marina and the port are other attractions sought by tourists in Ampuriabrava. The municipality has an important commercial activity in the area of Els Arcs, which also attracts tourists.

On the other hand, Empuriabrava also differs from other towns in the area of the Costa Brava by having an airfield. It is privately owned, but there is the possibility of skydiving. It is positioned as one of the most important places in the world to practice, especially by the number of jumps per year.


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What to eat and drink in Empuriabrava

The local cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. We are in front of one of the cradles of the Mediterranean diet, with a rich and varied cuisine directed to all cultures, so this is one of the points to consider when choosing your holiday in Empuriabrava.
Different gastronomic activities throughout the year are organized, highlighting its traditional and historic cuisine. Among the most emblematic events related to cuisine, we can highlight Cocina de los Aiguamolls del Empordá, Cocina Medieval and preparing eventsheld by the organizations of housewives in the area.

The local vegetables and fish from the bay are essential dishes in the cuisine of Empuriabrava, but the desserts especially stand out and are well known and demanded, for example: Stuffed apples, Bruels, aiguamoixos, or rocs de Castelló.



In this town live about 8,000 inhabitants, but during festive times the population reaches 75,000 inhabitants. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, mainly receiving German, Dutch, French and Russian tourists. It is an area with a large commercial offering, which is mainly concentrated in the area of Els Arcs, and the nightlife scene in the north along the C-68 road.


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What to do with children in Empuriabrava

One of the most popular activities to do on a family holiday in Ampuriabrava is visiting Túnel del Viento, or the Wind Tunnel. It is a freefall simulator that gives the feeling of flying like a bird. It will be the best experience of your life with freedom and new sensations. It is suitable from 4 years to 99. There are two types of activities: for beginners and experts.

Another activity carried out by parents and children is to explore the different bike routes that Ampuriabrava offers while exploring the environment that surrounds this town. In Empuriabrava you can also play miniature golf with children, sailing, flying in small planes, bowling, and much more.

Empuriabrava is surrounded by Parque Natural de las Marismas del Ampurdán, giving shape to the largest residential marina in Europe, with about 24 kilometers of waterways so lovers of nature with enjoy it a lot with the whole family.


Apartments for rent in Empuriabrava

How to get to Empuriabrava?

If you rent an apartment in Empuriabrava coming from the center of Spain, such as Madrid, you will reach your destination after a 7-hour drive. In this case, take the A-2 highway until you reach and take the AP-2 if you don’t mind paying a toll. Another alternative is choosing the A-3 and then take the AP-7.

If you start from the northwest, for example from País Vasco, you can take the AP-68 that joins the AP-2 and then the AP-7 (this route includes tolls) or you could go only through the AP-68 or A64.

But if your starting place is Valencia, you will arrive at your destination in about 4 hours and 45 minutes. You may drive by the AP-7, including tolls, or through the C-25 and then connect with the AP-7.

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