From the Catalan l´Estartit, is a decentralized municipal entity, which belongs to the Torroella de Montgri municipality in the province of Girona. It is very close, just over a kilometer, to the archipelago of islands Medas. This archipelago is formed by Meda Grande, Meda Pequeña, el Medellot, el Carall Bernat, las Ferrenelles, los Tascons Grandes y los Tascons Pequeños, and is interesting for the amount of wildlife that inhabits the islands.


Holiday rental apartments in Estartit

What to do and see in Estartit

Diving enthusiasts frequent Estartit throughout the year because it is a really good area to practice. During the summer, tourists looking for beach, sun and good weather are housed in Estartit, because it has a large beach of typical fine sand of the Costa Brava, along with a lot of nearby beaches, which stand out as being wild and unspoiled, in very privileged backgrounds.

An idyllic setting for a family vacation dream. In addition, it is also possible to perform various water activities during holidays in its marina and Club Náutico like sailing, diving, or boat rental to visit the nearby beaches, fishing, etc. During the year, there areabout 3,000 inhabitants, but in the summer, with rented apartments, this number will triple.


Vacation rental apartments Estartit

What to eat and drink in l'Estartit?

L'Estartit predominates in home cooking and creative cuisine with local products. The typical dishes of this region are made from meat, fish and vegetables, cooked with quality olive oil. One of the dishes par excellence of Estartit is the escalibrada, made on a base of eggplant and red pepper with salt, olive oil and vinegar. Along holidays in Estartit you also have the opportunity to eat butifarra with mongetes, made with green beans, garlic and parsley. As for the drink, it is very typical to drink wine and cava de la tierra.



Estartit consists of 2962 inhabitants, being an area that generates 60%thanks to its tourism resources. It is the quintessential holiday town for amateur tourists or professional divers, but also for tourists seeking a relaxing or family holiday, as it is a quiet and nice area. Also, the poseidoneas wildlifeis are an important attraction, attracting dive tourism throughout the year, so renting an apartment in Estartit for a diver is basic for your vacation.


Vacation rental apartments Estartit

What to do with children in Estartit

During summer holidays, the City of l'Estartit organizes children's activities and performances aimed at children and their parents in the square of the tourist office such as film screenings, entertainment with clowns or children's workshops.

Another place frequented by families on holiday in l'Estartit is "Mini Beach Club", a place dedicated to children's activities for children between 4 and 10 years. If what you really want is to freshen up and not leave the water, do snorkeling with your children. It is the practice of swimming and diving underwater with a tube and goggles to observe the marine ecosystem beneath you. You can also do kayak or sail for an unforgettable holiday in l'Estartit.


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How to get to l'Estartit?

The starting point for tourists who decide to visit l'Estartit for a
family vacation is very diverse. Therefore, we will focus the route from three main points of Spain. If you have rented an apartment in Estartit coming from Madrid, in central Spain, or for tourists coming from Extremadura and western Andalusia, the fastest way is to take the A-2 and then link up with the AP-2 to get to l'Estartit in about 7 hours, although this route includes tolls. Another option is to go only by the A-2.


If you start from Asturias, northern Spain, the best alternative is to take the AP-68 (includes tolls), or AP2. In both paths you will cross about 1,010 kilometers. But if you start the trip to Estartit from south of the town, such as Murcia, the AP-7 will be your road. You will reach your destination (tolls included), after about 7 hours.

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