Estepona is a municipality of the province of Málaga in Andalusia. It has an area of 137 square kilometers and a multicultural population of 70,500 inhabitants. Estepona is one of the tourist destinations par excellence of Spain, especially during the summer holidays, where accommodation rental increases, due to its Mediterranean climate and 23 kilometers of coast. The average annual temperature of Estepona is 17ºC in summer, although it can reach 41 degrees. Meanwhile, in winter the average temperature does not fall below 8ºC.


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What to do and see in Estepona

The old town of Estepona is one of the few on the entire Costa del Sol that retains the essence of the typical Andalusian village. Its cobbled streets are pedestrianized and adorned with colorful flower pots. Estepona is comprised of 8 neighborhoods in the center. One of them is Barrio de la Villa, which houses constructions of the XVIII and XIX centuries, such as Castillo de San Luis, Torre del Reloj, Casa de los Algibes and the current Museo Arqueológico. Other neighborhoods are Barrio Antiguo, Barrio de Hornos, which holds Camino de Casares, Plaza Nueva, Plaza de San Francisco and Montecillo.

Other historical monuments are Faro de Punta Doncella and Torres Almenaras, of Muslim and Castilian origin. Apart from that, Estepona holds archaeological sites such as Dólmenes de Corominas, los Castillejos, Ruinas del Castillo de El Nicio, of the IX century, and Villa Romana de Las Torres.

Estepona is also a paradise for tourists, thanks to its 23 kilometers of coastline, that houses Playa de la Rada, Playa del Cristo, Playa Arroyo Vaquero, Playa Arroyo de los Caños, Playa Bahía Dorada, Playa Casasola, Playa el Saladillo or Playa la Galera, among others.


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What to eat and drink in Estepona

The gastronomy of Estepona is nourished by the products of the sea and the countryside. One of its typical dishes is the sopa campera, created by a group of farmers who experimented with the products of their garden, such as tomatoes, peppers, garlic and onions. To this dish is added oil, egg, salt and bread. Regarding seafood, in Estepona stands out the espeto de sardinas and the pescaito frito in all its versions. Also typical is the ajoblanco, emblanco, gazpacho, pescado a la sal and ensalada de pulpo. Regarding drinks, there are many different options.


Regarding popular festivities, on May 7 is celebrated Romería de San Isidro Labrador in Parque de Los Pedregales. 7 days after, on May 14, takes place Feria San Isidro Labrador and, the day after, it is commemorated Fiesta Nacional de San Isidro Labrador. During the first week of July, Feria y fiestas mayores are celebrated to welcome the summer. On July 16, with a large influx of tourists, is celebrated Día de la Virgen del Carmen in Estepona. On August 15, when almost all locals come down to the streets, is celebrated Festividad de Santa María de Los Remedios.


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What to do with children in Estepona

In Estepona you can rent boats and sail offshore. It is an activity that charms both children and adults, especially during the summer holidays. In the sea, it is also possible to dive or rent shore boats. On the shore, children can play with shovels, balls, kites or make sand castles. You can take your children to guided tours of the town, where you can know the true charm of Estepona with its parks, historical monuments and natural features.

This municipality also houses golf courses and tennis courts. It is a great opportunity to avoid sedentarism during the holidays and teach other sports to your children. Regarding parks, in Estepona we mainly find three (to which many tourists come from their rental accommodation). One of them is Parque Selwo Aventura, where wild animals live in a state of semi-freedom. It has 100 hectares where more than 2,000 animals of 200 different species live.

Another park is Los Pedregales which offers breathtaking views of the African coast and Gibraltar. Inside, you will find wooden cabins and you can do bike, equestrian or hiking routes. The third park is Parque Botánico-Orquidario, which has 13,000 square meters in which you can see an orchid garden.


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How to get to Estepona

It is only a matter of days to enjoy your cozy rental apartment and a well-deserved vacation in Estepona. The journey to this Andalusian town is really easy if you know how to get there. From Badajoz, you can take three roads: the A-66, the A-92 or the N-432. From Madrid, you can drive only through the A-4 or link this road with the A-5. Another option is to start the journey on the N-420 and turn to the A-4. From Valencia, you can reach Estepona by the A-3, A-7 or A-92.

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