Felanich, or Felanitx in Catalán, is a city belonging to the Balearic Islands, located to the southeast of the island of Mallorca, in Comarca del Migjorn. The name of this territory comes from the Latin word Fenales that means "lands of hay", and corresponds to the Castellana Henares. Since the tourism boom began in the 60s, tourism has been the main source of income in Felanich, which has led to a construction growth in the territory with the creation of cultural and leisure places, as well as rental accommodation properties. Tourism was boosted by the iconic coast of Felanich and its maritime landscapes. This city was world-wide and historically known for the production and commercialization of the typical wine of the zone.


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What to do and see in Felanitx

Castillo de Santueri is located at 408 meters high in one of the closest hills to Felanich. Its popularity is due to the breathtaking views it offers from the top, where it’s possible to see the entire coast. It was a defensive building that the Arabs built over Roman ruins and years later it was rebuilt by the Muslims. In 1261 the island was conquered by Jaime I de Aragón.

Santuario de San Salvador is a hermitage located at the top of the summit, that takes its same name, at 509 meters high. It is a construction of 1348, the same year in which was built Iglesia Primitiva in honor of Pasión de la Imagen. During the holiday season a large Bethlehem is built inside. The top can be reached by car or bicycle. In addition, the sanctuary has a bar, restaurant and souvenir shop. Before arriving at the Sanctuary is a small chapel from 1910 that was built to remember the legend of the discovery of the Image of the Virgin by a shepherd. In 1934 the monument to Christ the King was inaugurated and in 1957 was built Cruz de Picot, which has become a great tourist attraction. It is possible to spot it during clear sky days.

As for the coast, Felanitx has several beaches and coves such as Playa de s’Arenal, Playa de s’Algar and Cala sa Nau.


Vacation rental apartments Felanitx

What to eat and drink in Felanitx

Mallorcan gastronomy is easily identifiable thanks to its unique dishes, among which stand out sopes mallorquines, tumbet, escaldums, porcella rostida, las cocas, sobrasadas and ensaimadas. As for the drinks, wine of Denominación de Origen stands out.


On the other hand, stand out the immensity of small companies dedicated to the production of sausages and pig meat products. Also noteworthy is the factory "Ladrillerías Mallorquinas" that was in charge of the production of clay bricks. Felanitx is also renowned for its great culture. This city is the place of birth of great artists of the music and cultural world. Felanitx has its own dances, which are called Els Cavallets, which dates from 1603, when the Convent of St. Augustine was founded. These dances remained active in the church until 2008. The male Cavallets are dressed in white trousers, red T-shirts and green hats. The ladies, meanwhile, wear a handkerchief to keep time and mark out the beginning of the dance.


Vacation rental apartments Felanitx

Fairs and festivals in Felanitx

Let's start talking about the Felanich Fairs. Every second Sunday in May, is celebrated Feria de Mayo. Three months later Feria de Sant Agustín is celebrated, the closest Sunday to the August 28. A month later, on the Sunday before September 29, locals and tourists enjoy Feria de San Miguel and, on the Sunday after October 18, the Feria de la Guindilla is celebrated. Finally, the Sunday before la Quincuagésima, Feria de s'Horta takes place.

As for the holidays, we find Santa Margalida, which is the patron saint of Mallorca. It is celebrated on July 20. In the days near August 28, the day of San Agustín de Hipona, is celebrated Fiesta de San Agustín. On July 25, Fiestas de San Jaime takes place. Locals meet at the beach of S'Arenal and have dinner together.

La Fiesta de Sant Joan Pelós is considered a Festival of Cultural Interest. The figure of Sant Joan Pelós represents San Juan Bautista and, on June 24, this character goes out dancing in the streets of Felanitx, while offering a musical spectacle in which guitars, flutes and guitarrones accompany the dance. It is a charming attraction for neighbors and tourists. The character of Sant Joan Pelós carries a cross-shaped sign with an inscription in Latin Gospel "Ecce Agnus Dei Quitoli" which means "Behold the Lamb of God."


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How to get to Felanitx

As Felanitx is situated in the Balearic Islands, you only have two options to start enjoying your holiday and rental apartment. One is to catch a plane at any airport in Spain and the other option is to take a boat that leaves from one of the Spanish ports. In a matter of minutes, you will be in your desired holiday destination.

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