La Escale, or L'Escala in Catalan, is a municipality in the region of Alto Ampurdán, in the province of Gerona. It is best known for hosting the Ampuriabrava ruins, the Greco-Roman city. It has over 10,000 inhabitants, but the population grows in the summer with tourists who stay in the apartments of the municipality. This place holds remains from the Neolithic period and investigations show that it was not really until the 9thcentury B.C. 


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What to see and do in La Escala

La Escala has one of the biggest attractions for tourists on holiday. Coves and beaches suitable for bathing. There are beaches and picturesque coves, a little crowded with transparent waters. In the old part of the town is the beach called "La Plaja" which was a fishing port before, and the cove "Port d'en Perris," one of the best known in the area. They also highlight larger ones such as Cala Riells and Cala Montgó.

The most important beaches of La Escala are: La Vaixella, el Portixol, les Muscleres (which is just opposite the archaeological site), Moll Grec and Riuet. A wide variety of coves and beaches featuring closer accommodation. La Escala is one of the most important towns on the Costa Brava, offering beach and interior tourism. It has an important historical relevance and really beautiful beaches. Summer Is not the only interesting time to discover La Escala, the beaches and coves are more intimately enjoyed in the coldest season, and domestic tourism does not die in the area once the summer ends.

Las Ruinas de Empúries is an archaeological site that holds the remains of the Greek colonial enclave of Emporion and Roman city.Cities were built in this area around the 1stcentury B.C. on the structures of a Roman military camp.


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What to eat and drink in La Escala?

In the restaurants of La Escala prevails Mediterranean and traditional cuisine, with fish being the star dish of the area and all the tourists during their holidays can’t resist to try it. The most typical dishes are the anchovies of L'Escala, the Suquet de Peix (fish stew). As for the drink, its inhabitants and visitors like to accompany lunch or dinner with a good bottle of wine.



At the time it was an island, so the Greeks moved to the mainland. The Romans also settled in the area around the 2ndcentury B.C. All of this is known as Paleópolis and San Martin de Ampurias. Today you can visit Museo de Archeología de Ampurias, within the precincts of the ruins where you can see all the ancestors who lived in La Escala. It is also interesting to know about the church of San Pedro, and the fishing port of the town.


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What to do with children in La Escala

During holidays in La Escala, the Riells area and the old town offer plenty of children's activities such as the foam party, shows with clowns or musical performances. La Escala is located on the Mediterranean coast, so it is an ideal holiday destination to go out on boats and go along the coastline, enjoying the wealth of the seabed. Sailing or guided tours are also common on family vacations.

Other activities for children are related to sports. The municipality of La Escala organizes year-round sports competitions aimed at all audiences such as children's marathons. In addition, any time is good to play some practice games of football, basketball or tennis. It is a route that runs between the border of the municipality of la Escala and Torroella de Montgrí. It is away from the city center, so it is a good choice to take advantage of the tranquility, fresh air, nature and sports during your holidays in La Escala. During your itinerary you will see examples of traditional folk architecture as well as orchid populations, wireworms and rosemary plants.

Here you can also visit Museo de Arqueología. In 1908 began the first excavations of the site. From that moment started the scientific recovery. It is open from Monday to Sunday, although the schedule varies by season.



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How to get to La Escala?

As on all family holidays, there is always a starting point. La Escala receives annually thousands of tourists from all parts of Spain, so it is essential, having rented accommodation, to know what the pathways leading to this paradisiacal area are.

It is common for tourists to begin their trip from Madrid or from a nearby city. In these cases, take the A-2 and AP-2 to reach La Escala at approximately 7 hours. Keep in mind that you will have to pay tolls. Another option to avoid having to pay tolls is to take the A-3 and then the AP-7.

If you want to climb the Mediterranean coast from Valencia, the only route concurs by the AP-7. You arrive in 4 hours, although you may have to pay some toll.

But if, on the contrary, you start from the north of Spain, such as Santander, you have two options. One is to take the AP-68 and connect it with the AP-2, through tolls. The other option is to go direct through the A64.

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