Also called Llansa or Llançà, it is a municipality of the region of Alto Ampurdán, in Girona, Spain. It has a population of 5,209 inhabitants spread throughout its 28.625 km2. Llansá climate is generally warm, temperate and mild. Rainy days are common in winter but temperatures do not drop too much. Moreover, the average annual temperature is 15.7 ° C and the rainfall is of 574 milliliters per year. Located in a privileged environment in Costa Brava, Llansá has become a tourist spot in the area.


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What to do and see in Llansá

The beaches are the main attraction for tourists who are struck by the tranquility of the coast of Llansá. It is 7 kilometers long where there are beaches and coves with a wild, natural and really beautiful landscape, and crystal clear waters. Sea and mountains meet at the coves of Llansá, so tourists will find a unique environment in which to find the peace and quiet they want. Two beaches are also important in Llansá, which were awarded with the blue flag of the European Union.

These are Playa del Puerto and Playa de Grifeu, both beaches of excellent quality. The landscape in the former is more urban and more natural in the second. In any case, the beaches and coves Llansá are worth visiting.

But the sea and the beach are not the only attractive spots of this town. The great cuisine and the mountain routes are two of the most desired spots by visitors. First, Llansá has a large number of gastronomic establishments where you can taste the best fresh fish and other typical dishes of the area. In fact, two festivities and gastronomic campaigns are organized in the year, to enjoy the best selection of local dishes.


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What to eat and drink in Llansa

Llansá cuisine is characterized above all by seafood. The seafood and fish dishes are the stars of this area such as squid, mussels, shrimp, sea cucumber, hake and scallops. Within this field the highlights are Pescado de Palangre and L’ Escamarlà de Llançá. Also the orchard products and fruits are of high quality. The drink par excellence is wine.


As for the parties in Llansá, the most talked about Fiesta Mayor de Sant Vicent held on January 22, Aplec de Sant Silvestre and Muestra Floral that take place in May, Aplec de la Sardana and Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen in July and Fiesta de Verano de Llansá and Fiesta del Barrio de Valleta in August. The festivals of the summer months are the preferred ones which is evident from the presence of tourists staying in the rental apartments in the area.


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What to do with children in Llansa

Kids love water, and the sea even more. During the summer holidays it is common to see children all day long soaking, not wanting to get out of the water at any time. Therefore, the preferred activities by the children are aquatic. In Llansá it is very common to see families boating or renting boats to sail the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also possible to do sailing, kayaking or diving to see the marine ecosystem. It will be a great experience for children, who will not stop telling their impressions and feelings once the family is back at the rental accommodation.

Another popular activity during the months of summer vacation is to go to water parks and theme parks. They are one of the places that children really enjoy and experience new things.

In Llansá it is also possible to go to places with childrens activities consisting of ball pits, slides, mazes, workshops and crafts, etc. In these places they will be in contact with other children and will enhance their ability to socialize. There are also different routes for roads and trails where to discover dolmens, monasteries, cliffs, natural parks and coves.


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How to get to Llansa

Top rental apartments are waiting for you in Llansá. Pack your suitcase, get in the car and turn on the GPS and start enjoying your holiday. The starting point for tourists in Llansá is very diverse, so you will collect three central points for directions to Llansá.

Starting from Ponferrada, northwest Spain, you have three options. One is to take the AP-2 (with tolls), to reach your destination as soon as possible. It is also possible to go first on the A-6 and then by the AP-2 or go direct by the A-64.

If you are in Madrid, you can take first the A-2 and continue on this road until the end of the line or link with the AP-2 to benefit from the tolls. Another option is to go for the A-3 and link to the AP-7. If the starting point is Andalucía, the best choice is to go through Valencia taking the AP-7.


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