In Lloret de Mar, apart from enjoying its beaches and natural surroundings with your family, couple or friends, there are many attractions that you can visit if you stay in one of our holiday rental apartments. Here are some:


Holiday rental apartments in LLoret de Mar

Places to visit in Lloret de Mar spain

Playa de Lloret de Mar- Lloret is certainly a family friendly destination, but it’s also perfect for couples or friends. Its hot tourist spot is, of course, its fantastic beach. You'll have a great time there!

Gnomo Park – This water park will delight your children and the whole family. Gardens of Santa Clotilde – In these picturesque gardens from the Italian Renaissance period, you can enjoy privileged views of the sea. Ermita de Santa Cristina - Key point in the history of the town of Lloret de Mar. Enjoy its spectacular gardens. Maritime Museum - Here, lovers of navigation will walk among mockups of old ships, maps and relics. They will also love Can Garriga, the colonial style building which houses the museum.

Cementerio Modernista- This cemetery of the modernist era is included in the Ruta de los Indianos. It was designed by Joaquim Artau in the late nineteenth century. It is also used as an art gallery. Without a doubt, a visit you will not forget during your holidays in Lloret de Mar.

Castillo de Sant Joan - This fabulous castle delimits the beaches of Lloret de Mar and Fenals. Surrounded by intense vegetation, it is one of the oldest buildings in Lloret de Mar. You cannot forget to pay it a visit.


Vacation rental apartments LLoret de Mar


If you stay in one of our apartments in Lloret de Mar, you will like to know that they have a central location, close to the beach and the main attractions. We have the perfect apartment for you to stay this summer vacation.


Vacation rental apartments LLoret de Mar

Things to do in Lloret de Mar

There are hundreds of things you can do in Lloret de Mar, whether you are traveling with your family, with your couple or with friends. One of them is the traditional fishing, which takes place twice a year and serves to commemorate this ancient and traditional fishing method.

There is also the route of Lloret de los Indianos, where you will discover the stately mansions that the Lloretenses raised when returning from Cuba and other overseas territories, due to the high sums of money they earned with their shipping companies. Examples of this architecture are the Museu de la Mar- Can Garriga and Can Comadran, also known as Casa Font, typical of the nineteenth century with modernist elements.

Another spot to visit is the Town Hall of Lloret de Mar, included in this route, as well as the cemetery. There is no doubt that if you stay in an apartment in Lloret de Mar for your holidays, there are many more things to see besides sun and beach.

There are also many water activities in summer. If you spend your holidays staying in one of our apartments in Lloret de Mar, you can go sailing, kayaking, renting jet skis or diving.



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Renting a holiday apartment in Lloret de Mar is a great idea, as this place is located in a privileged spot between Barcelona and Gerona, which means that it has the best of the calm and the beauty of the Costa Brava and the life of the great city of Barcelona. Lloret de Mar is the ideal destination to spend a summer vacation with your family, couple or friends in an apartment. Renting an apartment is one of the best ways to explore the area, to enjoy freedom and comfort during your vacation and at the best price. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information so that we can help you find your holiday apartment in Lloret de Mar.

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