Mar de Cristal is a locality belonging to the municipality of Cartagena, in the Region of Murcia. It is located between Islas Menores and Playa Honda. It has an approximate population of 480 inhabitants.

Its economy is mainly based on tourism. Thousands of tourists choose Mar de Cristal as a vacation spot every year, causing a considerable increase in its population. In addition, this locality was awarded the Q of Tourist Quality in 2012. Mar de Cristal has a wide accommodation offer intended to boost tourism and spread its tradition, gastronomy and excellent beaches.


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What to do and see in Mar de Cristal

Mar de Cristal has a charming Marina, located on the southern shore of Mar Menor. It is comprised by a shelter dam with three alignments and an outer sea wall that is perpendicular to the coast. In addition, inside the Marina is find a floating pontoon that is perpendicular to the outer sea wall.

Cartagena holds the Roman Theater, which dates from the first century b.C. It is the most visited spot in the entire Region of Murcia. The Barrio del Foro Romano is an archeological complex comprised by a thermal complex. The Punic Wall, on the other hand, is a construction of the year 227 d.C. and is the only remaining Punic wall in the European territory.

Castillo de la Concepción or Castillo de los Patos is a 13th century castle. Other hot spots for tourists are Muralla de Carlos III, Escuela de Guardiamarinas, Capitanía, el Arsenal and Parque de Artillería. All of them are of baroque or neoclassical style.

Finally, Basílica de la Caridad, of the nineteenth century, has a central floor that is overlooked by a large dome. In its interior, it holds paintings and sculptures of the Spanish and Italian Baroque.


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What to eat and drink in Mar de Cristal

The typical dishes of the area are the acldero - rice and rock fish -, los michirones - stew and dried beans -, conejo al ajo cabañil, salazones, fish, meat and vegetables. Desserts include arrope, tocino de cielo and pan Calatrava. As for drinks, you can try asiático con café, licor y leche condensada, la láguena or licor 43.


It is perfectly connected to the city of Murcia by two roads. One of them goes directly from Cartagena and the other from Los Belones or Islas Menores. In about 45 minutes, you can get to Murcia from Mar de Cristal. As for temperatures, Mar de Cristal is a warm locality with a somewhat Mediterranean climate. It has mild and moderate temperatures that reach 17 degrees on average.

Many festivities are held in Mar de Cristal. The most outstanding and that gather the greatest number of participants, both citizens as tourists, are the celebrations of the Asunción, the patron saint of Mar de Cristal.


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What to do with children in Mar de Cristal

The main attraction of this town of Murcia is its beach. It has a length of 900 meters and a width of 25 meters. It is of golden sand and moderate swell. It is an urban beach with a high degree of occupation during the vacation and summer months. It has access for disabled people and people with reduced mobility, besides, it’s accessible both on foot and by car.

In terms of services, the beach of Mar de Cristal has beach bars, rental of hammocks, umbrellas and nautical elements, as well as restaurants, ramps and footbaths. It has first aid and surveillance posts that are open from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm during the summer months.

Mar de Cristal is a sports friendly beach, and your children can practice Padel, Tennis, Football or Basketball. This town has several sports courts and a gym.

On the other hand, during the holidays, Mar de Cristal opens its summer cinema. They usually play children and adult films to cater for the tastes of all tourists. It's a great opportunity to relax while kids have fun with their favorite characters.


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How to get to Mar de Cristal

If you have everything ready for your holiday in Mar de Cristal, rental accommodation included, it is time to take your car and embark on your journey. If you leave from Madrid, take the A-30, accessing it from the A-3 or the AP-36. Another option is to get on the A-31. From Extremadura, you can go straight through the A-30 or link it from the A-5. From Catalonia, you can directly arrive by the AP-7.

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