Pals is a municipality belonging to Comarca del Bajo Ampurdán, within the province of Gerona. It has about 3,000 inhabitants, but its population increases considerably in the summer, basically. Pals is dedicated primarily to tourism.


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What to do and see in Pals

Pals has three interesting nuclei to note if you want to rent an apartment in the area. First, the top of the hillis where is the oldest nucleus. This area is the historical district, of medieval origin, especially where it highlights the Romanesque tower of the 11th and 13th centuries, known as Torre de las Horas, or the Tower of the Hours. It is one of the most visited spots by tourists during their holidays. There are also cobbled streets where one can get lost and it seems that time does not pass, while you observe the arches, the facades of stone houses, etc. A really interesting trip is to visit the historic center.

The town is walled with four towers of the 4th century and has a viewpoint, called Josep Pla, from which you can see the fields of Ampurdán and the Medas Islands.

The following core of Pals is its beach. Formerly, the beach was called El Grau, i.e., port. Today the beach of Pals is known as Carandell, and is one of the largest and most spectacular of the Costa Brava. it is divided into two sectors: the north side, next to the golf course, which is the oldest in the Costa Brava,and the south side, which adjoins the town of Begur, another area recommended to visit.

The third core of Pals is found in the buildings of the Playa de Pals. This site highlights the biggest holiday apartments, hotels and other accommodations, but also restaurants, as it is a town with fishing tradition, where you can taste the best fresh fish.


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What to eat and drink in Pals

In the cuisine, Pals is considered the land of rice. It is one of the areas par excellence of rice and paella. The most popular dish is rice with cuttlefish, shrimp and pork chop. Also in high demand are sardines, anchovies, shrimp, vegetables and meats. As for drinks, you can never miss a good bottle of wine to accompany the rice. After an authentic lunch or dinner, you can go to rest in your rental apartment.




We must highlight the Rice of Pals, a type of rice grown and produced in Ampurdán and which is marketed under the name "Arroz de Pals". It is a premium quality rice and is marketed under the trademark "Productes de l'Empordà".


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How to get to Pals

The start of a holiday in Pals begins by packing your suitcase and choosing which route is best for you to reach our destination. If you have rented an apartment in Pals and come from northern Spain, such as Asturias, you have 3 options.

One is to take the AP-2, a course that integrates some tolls to reach Pals in 9 hours. The other alternatives are to go by the AP-68 or the A64.

Many tourists or locals from Madrid or the center of Spain also visit Pals. These visitors have the option of taking the A2, if they wish, they can join their path with the AP-2 to arrive in less time with the inclusion of tolls on the route. Another option is to take the A-3 and then the AP-7. The average time of arrival at Pals is 7 hours.

But if on the contrary, your starting point is the south, you can take the A-7 and link it to the AP-7 or go by the A-4 to engage after the A-2. In about 9 hours you will be at our destination.








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What to do with children in Pals

One of the best memories of children after returning home from a memorable family vacation in Pals is a visit to Parc Aventura Costa Brava. It is a place that offers outdoor adventure circuits for both adults and children. It covers more than 3 hectares of forest where you can enjoy more than 60 different activities such as lianas, footbridges, tunnels, bridges, vacuum jumps, zip lines, etc.

One of the almost obligatory visits when traveling to Pals is visiting its Pueblo Medieval. It is located on top of Puig Aspre with unique views. All buildings recreate the medieval period that will astound children who will feel as the protagonists of a great game.

A livetour on a segway is a fun way to meet Pals. It is walking the streets and different corners aboard a two-wheeled vehicle, a stable base and a handlebar. Children won’t want to get off the segway and sightseeing will be very entertaining.

Carandell, which is one of the biggest attractions of a holiday in Pals. It especially highlights the surrounding landscape, formed by pine trees, rice plantations, and dunes that are formed along the 3.5 kilometers of beach, making it a very private beach. In addition, Pals features sea and mountains, culture or indoor recreation on the beach, good food, and a quiet environment. People say that there is one Pals for each person, because it is a very complete town.

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