Periana is a municipality of the province of Málaga, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is specifically located in the Axarquía region, 58 kilometers from Málaga, and is completely surrounded by mountains. It has a total area of 58 square kilometers and a population of about 3,360 inhabitants. The economy of Periana is based on agriculture, mainly on the production of oil and peaches, but also lemons, oranges, almonds, tomatoes - much demanded during the summer holidays - and a long etcetera.


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What to see and do in Periana

At the entrance of Periana is one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Spain. It is located in Plaza de Andalucía, which houses the City Hall. Although the sea is more than 25 kilometers away, you can spot it from the lookout during clear days. It also offers views of Pantano de la Viñuela.

Inside Periana, there is some kind of a sink that was used long ago by women when there were still no washing machines. It still holds water and is a very refreshing and quiet place for the summer holidays.

In Periana there are two well-known villages: Aldea de Vilo and Aldea de Moya. Regarding the first, it is a small nucleus of white houses, arranged in a staggered way and adorned with flowers. The environment is surrounded by olive trees and pomegranates. Village of Moya is an area full of orchards and many pastures.

In Mondrón is Iglesia de San Fernando Rey, located in the square that bears his name. It was built in 1945 under the order of Don Balbino Santos Olivera, Bishop of the Diocese of Málaga. Inside, you can see images of San Fernando, San José and Virgen Inmaculada.

In Museo del Aceite de Mondrón you can learn about the methods of production of the "liquid gold" that made Periana famous. The place holds ancient grinding stones and traditional implements.


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What to eat and drink in Periana

The gastronomy of Periana is rich and varied. Olive oil is present in all the dishes, since it gives them a unique and special flavor. Among the typical dishes are Ajoblanco, Cachorreñas, gazpacho, migas, morretes, parpuchas and requesones. As for the desserts, peaches are popular, as well as roscos de vino la torta romana and tortas de aceite. For drinking, wine is the drink par excellence of Periana.



The municipality of Periana is comprised by many districts, which are Mondrón, Baños de Vilo-La Negra, La Muela, Río Seco, Guaro, La Laguna y La Vinagreta, Marchamonas, El Aguadero, el Cañuelo, el Cortijo Blanco, Los Marines, La Viña, Regalón, Moya, Las Mayoralas and Pollo Pelao. Regarding festivities in Periana, we can highlight Feria del Aceite Verdial held in mid-April, Feria de San Isidro Labrador on May 15, Feria del Melocotón on July 25, and Feria de Agosto to enjoy the last few days in their rental apartment.


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When to go to Periana

The most requested dates by tourists to visit Periana match their popular festivals. During those days, rental accommodations are fully occupied. One of the festivities of Periana is Día del Aceite Verdial, which is celebrated between March and April. Olive groves and the production of Virgin Olive Oil is one of the economic pillars in Periana. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to know the beauty of the villas.

Feria de San Isidro is celebrated from May 12 to 15 in honor of the patron saint of the municipality, San Isidro Labrador. According to a very old tradition, neighbors must throw their weight in wheat to the procession. This tradition dates back to the 18th century when cereal sowing was the basis of its economy.

Feria del Melocotón is celebrated on July 10 and 11, being one of the most attended celebration by tourists who arrive in the area after booking their rental accommodation.

This festival is held to promote peach. Tourists and locals are offered free tastings. There are also musical performances when night falls.

Finally, Feria de Agosto is held at the end of the month to end the summer and to entertain the tourists who have stayed in their rental apartments.


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How to get to Periana

Your holidays in Periana are closer. Your rental apartment is already booked, so you just need to pack and set course to your destination. If you leave from Madrid, you must take the A-4, from which you can go directly to Periana or connect it with the A-45.

From Badajoz, you can drive through the A-66 and the A-92, the N-432 and the A-45. The third option is to drive only through the A-92. Now, if you leave from Valencia, east of Spain, you have three options. One is to take the A-7, the A-3 or start at the AP-7 and then connect it to the A-7.

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