Muro is a municipality in the Balearic Islands, belonging to the island of Mallorca. It is located in the Comarca de Pla de Mallorca and borders with Alcúdia, Sa Pobla and Santa Margarida. Its population is of nearly 7,000 people, with the vast majority living in the town of Muro. Playa de Muro is the most popular tourist destination, with 5'2 kilometers of beaches of fine golden sand and clear waters plus a large set of services, featuring cafes, restaurants, shops, hotels and large apartments, among others.


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What to do and see in Muro

If you visit Muro, be sure that one of the sites you will visit the most will be the beach. This is one of the longest beaches of the island, and is divided into four sections: Sector I, Sector II, Es Comú and Capellans.

The first two sections are the most touristy, surrounded by areas of rental apartments, oriented to family tourism. As one attractive highlight of these beaches, apart from its fine sand and crystal clear waters, is its wooden plank walkway which enters several meters into the water, allowing visitors to have an amazing view of the beach from within the sea without getting wet.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the perfect combination of tranquility and beauty, your choice is definitely the beach of Es Comú. It is a beach of difficult access, which is a guarantee that it is not too crowded, but being there you will realize that it was worth the path. Es Comú is the most well-preserved unspoiled beaches of the Bay of Alcudia and is characterized by the extraordinary contrast of colors it offers, from its waters of a soft turquoise tone to the intense shades of green of the small forests that widely cover it, separating the beach from the road and causing that the only noise you hear is the moderate swell of the sea.


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What to eat and drink in Muro

At the heart of Playa de Muro, you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants where you can taste the most traditional delicacies of the island. A good option to start is the trempó, a fresh summer salad made with tomatoes, green peppers and onions, all cut into small pieces and well-seasoned with olive oil and salt. For the main courses, the Mallorcan cuisine offers specialties made from both fish and meat. Among the fish dishes, you can choose the Cabracho Hervido, and if you prefer meat, one of the most traditional dishes is Frito Mallorquín, cooked with meat, usually pork or goat, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and red pepper, all flavored with various spices. To make it a perfect meal, don’t forget your cup of wine!


One of the highlights of this town is that much of its territory holds the Parque Natural de s'Albuferais, the first park in the island, declared as such in 1988. This allows Muro to hold the greater diversity set of ecosystems of Mallorca, with more than 200 species of birds. Today, Muro has undergone a big development as many other municipalities of the island, and its economy is based on the services sector, strongly boosted in recent decades by the development of the urbanization of the core of Playa de Muro.


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What to do with children in Muro

During the whole year, children are waiting for the holidays, especially to have fun on the beach building sandcastles, flying kites or encouraging their fathers to go swimming. On the beaches of Muro you may perform all of these activities and also meet with other families who are also renting an apartment here. In addition, for the peace and safety of your children, the beaches of this population have shallow water, so you can even go a few meters inside without fearing that the water will completely cover them.

Another scenic wonder that Muro offers is the Parque Natural de s'Albufera. This Natural Park has large tracts of wetland vegetation such as grasslands and reedbeds, and if you are a birdwatcher or like photography, here you can find more than 200 species of birds, among which it highlights the Eleonora's falcon and the osprey, along with a variety of waterfowls. For this, the park has four different signposted routes, which can be accessed for free.

Moreover, you can also take a walk through the center of Muro, where you will find, among other prominent buildings, the Convento de los Mínimos, built during the early years of the eighteenth century. Currently holds the school and the School of Music of the city.


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How to get to Muro

The beaches of Muro and your rental apartment are waiting for you for your great vacation, but for that, you need to know the route to follow to get there. You can go to Mallorca by car or plane. Whatever the option you have chosen, your first stop is the city of Palma de Mallorca, where is both the port and the airport.

If, once there, you don’t want to rent a car, your best option is to get to Muro by public transport. To do this you have to go to the Estación Intermodal and take the bus 351, which will take you to Playa de Muro, which has six different stops where you can choose the closest to your rental accommodation.

If instead you opted for the convenience of renting a vehicle, take the Ma-13 to get to your destination, if there are no traffic problems, in around forty and fifty minutes.

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