Rosas (also known as Roses, by its name in Catalan) is a municipality belonging to the province of Gerona or Girona. It borders with Gulf Coast at the north and with Cape Creus at the south. Roses has gained much popularity and tourism in recent years, which has helped to increase the number of inhabitants.


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What to do and see in Rosas

If there is something that Rosas is characterized for, it is for being one of the most important towns on the Costa Brava. This area is fashionable, and many tourists rent an apartment while on holiday in one of these areas to spend summer days, especially attracted by the beaches in the area.

Rosas, specifically, is highlighted by a large sandy beach, which also has a great promenade, as well as a number of services and tourist spots, but also for being a coast full of contrasts.

In addition to this long beach, the coast of Rosas has high cliffs and a large number of coves with clear water. Among the most outstanding coves are Canadell, a small cove formed by hills and pebbles. In 2009 it received the European EMAS environmental certification and the ISO 14001. Cala de Almadrava is a beach of fine sand and very intense blue waters. It has been certified since 2003.

Canyelles Petites is one of the most popular beaches, as it features fine golden sand, clear waters and a sandy bottom. The beach is protected from the north wind. There is also Cala Murtra, known for being a nudist, very wild and inaccessible place, it is highly recommended to access by boat.


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What to eat and drink in Rosas

Tourists who rent an apartment in Rosas, besides beaches and inland tourism, are looking for good food. Rosas cuisine is characterized by its excellent seafood, varied and juicy orchard and vegetables, and the production of beef. The most common ingredients used in the kitchen are tomatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant, peppers and vegetables, and its star dishes are the stews and casseroles. To accompany the meal, tourists decide enjoy both red and white wine.


Today, almost 20,000 people live in Rosas, while 50 years ago there were only 2,000. However, this population increases considerably in the summer months, when some 120,000 tourists rent an accommodation in Roses each year. It has the most prominent fishing port in the north of the Catalan coast.


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What to do with children in Rosas

Rosas is a vacation destination located on the Mediterranean coast, which offers plenty of outdoor activities to do with the family and children. If you travel to Rosas on holiday you cannot miss the opportunity to rent a boat, take a catamaran excursion and tour the area offshore. You will discover the beauty of the coast and the children will feel full of energy.

Another activity to do with children in Rosas and is increasingly on demand, is the tourist train. Board it and relax while enjoying most special and beautiful corners of Rosas, the amazing sea, the coast and the interior. Butterfly Park is an area that has a large tropical garden where you can watch and interact with butterflies, parrots and other animals. Children will enjoy the holidays like never before and adults will remember their childhood again.

Aqua Brava is the water park of Rosas. We recommend you come in the summer months because it offers the possibility to take a dip while enjoying the adrenaline that carries each water attraction.

The magnificent beaches and coves in Rosas offers a holiday here is a good option as you can do domestic tourism.


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How to get to Rosas

Many tourists prefer to travel with their own vehicle. The comfort of the car has no comparison, because with it you will know every corner of Rosas during the trip.

From any point of Spain you can get to Rosas and start enjoying days off in our rental accommodation. You can start the journey from a central point as Madrid. In this case you have three options to get to Rosas. The first is to take the A-2 and link with the AP-2, but you can also continue on the A-2 to reach your destination. Another option is to take the A-3 and then the AP-7. The average time is 7 and a half hours.

If you start from León, northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, you can go by the AP-2 and benefit from the tolls or go for the AP-2 to then connect the path with the AP-7. The journey last approximately 9 hours.

Your starting point to reach the apartment rental can be southern Spain, for example, Granada. In this case you get to Roses by the AP-7, finding a toll on the road.


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