La Puebla or Sa Pobla in Catalán language, is a municipality of the Balearic Islands, located on the island of Mallorca. Specifically, La Puebla is located in Comarca del Raiguer, between the towns of Muro, Llubí, Búger, Alcudia and Pollensa. It has a population of 12,710 inhabitants and an area of 48.59 square kilometers.

This Majorcan municipality is known worldwide for its production of potatoes and other crops, being one of its main sources of income. Sa Pobla also has a wide tourist offer, which makes it double its population during festive seasons. In order to accommodate the large influx of tourists arriving in the municipality throughout the year, the city has built accommodation properties and public buildings such as restaurants, shops or rental apartments.


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What to do and see in Sa Pobla

Concerning the Fiestas de San Antoni, Museo de Sat Antoni y el Demonio has been created. In it you can observe typical elements of this party, like demons and the big heads. Visitors enjoy all the photographs, drawings, audiovisual elements and symbols that this museum hosts. In addition, each representation is accompanied by an explanatory text.

Within the historical heritage, we also find Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Sa Pobla, built on a manor house. It houses works by artists from the island of Mallorca and temporary exhibitions on the lifestyle and traditions of the municipality.

Oratorio de Crestatx is a small hermitage of the thirteenth century. Inside this construction is an image of the XVI century that shows Santa Margalida. In the Christmas holidays, a nativity scene is installed in its attractive interior. For the summer months, this hermitage has extensive gardens and restaurants around it.

Regarding the natural heritage of Sa Pobla, we find Parque Natural de S’Albufera, which was the first park considered as such within the Balearic Islands.


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What to eat and drink in Sa Pobla

The gastronomy of Sa Pobla is totally Mediterranean. It is characterized by its variety and the exquisiteness of its dishes. Tourists arriving in Sa Pobla take the opportunity to get to know the typical food of the area and try different restaurants. Among the best-known dishes are the tumbet made with vegetables, frito mallorquín, arros brut, caracoles, esqueixada de bacalao, amargos and Espinagada de anguilas. As for the desserts, we find biscuit glacé and bizcochos con albaricoque y sobrasada. For drinks, you can try Hierbas, el Palo y la Mesclat.


As for the climate, Sa Pobla has a Mediterranean climate. Annual maximum temperatures are around 35 ° C while minimum temperatures do not tend to fall below 8 ° C. It is a humid, mild climate with low probability of rain.

Sa Pobla also stands out for its popular festivals. One of them is the Feria de otoño that is celebrated the last weekend of November since 1991. During these days, the revenues of the agriculture, gastronomy and commercial sector of the municipality is increased, same for the agricultural machinery and the automotive sector. Other great festivals of La Puebla are the Fiestas de Sant Antoni celebrated on January 17th with its most representative symbol: the demons that symbolize human temptation and evil.


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What to do with children in Sa Pobla

Sa Pobla has several spots for children. One of them is Dino Inca Parc Infantil C.B. Theme are also theme parks with obstacle courses, soccer fields, inflatable or aquatic castles, etc. In addition, this center offers foam parties and magic shows. They also hold birthday parties and the workshops for children during the summer holidays.

Another amazing place for children is Mon-Magic. Here, children can play with inflatable castles, trampolines or a ball pool, among other things. They also organize family meals.

Another option to combat the high temperatures during the summer holidays is to go to the municipal swimming pools. It will be an idyllic setting for the little ones and for adults where they can take a dip and play in the water. It is a great opportunity to make new friends and start socializing.

All children love nature so visit the s'Albufera Natural Park, within this natural environment, we can see more than 200 species of birds and thirty species of fish. It also houses a large number of parrots, like the elms. The water that surround this park comes from the sea during the summer and from the torrents during the rest of the year.


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How to get to Sa Pobla

Sa Pobla is located in the Balearic Islands, so between this archipelago and the Iberian Peninsula, we find the Mediterranean Sea. To get to your rental accommodation you can use two means of transport. One option is to take a plane from the nearest airport to your point of origin or at the airport closest to the Mediterranean coast. The other alternative is to go to Sa Pobla by boat, catching it in any of the ports of the Iberian Peninsula or from the Canary Islands, being the farthest point. By plane the journey time from one island to another is approximately 5 hours.

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