Ses Salines is a Majorcan municipality that has over 5,000 inhabitants, distributed between the core of Ses Salines and Colonia de Sant Jordi. It is located in the Comarca de Migjorn, between Campos and Santanyí, and the Mediterranean Sea is at the southeast of the territory, and holds several beaches surrounded by a Zona Natural Protegida. Ses Salines was named, as you can imagine, due to the significant amount of salt present along its shores.


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What to do and see in Ses Salines

The urban core, which is the main tourist spot of all Ses Salines, is the Colonia de Sant Jordi, a coastal village near the beaches with lots of rental apartments for all tastes. Of all the beaches, we will highlight Es Dolç, which is attached to the fishing port and marina. It is a beach of fine white sand, featuring a portion of large rocks covered with algae which gives a picturesque image, along with the many boats that are moored off its coast.

If you want to get away from the tourist bustle of the area and relax sunbathing in its turquoise waters without a lot of people around you, your best option is the beach of Es Carbó, an undeveloped beach opposite the island of Na Molina. The fact that is only accessible by boat or walking a minimum of two hours causes that the number of bathers is never too high, and you can enjoy a calmness that few beaches on the island offer.

Don't miss the visit to Isla Cabrera. After disembarking in the small port, you can walk through its beautiful sandy beaches.


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What to eat and drink in Ses Salines

In the tourist resort of Colonia de Sant Jordi you can find a large variety of quality restaurants offering the most typical dishes of the Majorcan cuisine in which ingredients such as fish, rice and meat are the main stars.

The brut rice, for example, is a soupy rice cooked with meat, vegetables and sausages, seasoned with different spices. It is a dish that will surprise you, and even more so when combined with a couple of glasses of a good bottle of red wine. And if you want a plate of fish, some of your choices can be the Cabracho Hervido or the Mero a la Mallorquina. As usual, accompany your dish with a cup of soft white wine.

And if after such a delicious meal you want to try something sweet, ask for a refreshing toasted almond ice cream, which is very typical of the island.


In addition to its paradisiacal beaches, this town is fortunate for having the privilege of holding the Archipiélago de Cabrera at its shores, about 10 kilometers south of Cabo Salines. Its main island, Cabrera, has a small port and its coasts will delight your senses with an incredible succession of cliffs, the sandy beaches and coastal caves. Don't miss the towns of Ets Antigors, Es Torrent o Es Mitjà Gran where you will see the trades os the prehistoric pretalayótica and talayótica cultures.


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What to do with children in Ses Salines

In Ses Salines, your children will have a perfect vacation day, combining exercise, fun and relaxation. We have talked before about Es Carbo, in which the small influx of people allows children to enjoy the beach, having enough room to play with rackets, flying kites or make huge sandcastles. In addition, the shortest route to the beach will take about two hours walking, so you can make a good family outing on the way to the beach.

If you are brave and look forward to walking in a breathtaking scenery, prepare enough food before leaving your rental apartment and make the route that begins at the Cape of Ses Salines and ends at the beach of Es Carbo, about six hours later.

Another mandatory stop on your vacation is the Cabrera Archipelago, with more than 10,000 land and 8700 terrestrial hectares. In this archipelago you will love the environment from the coast of Ses Salines to Isla de Cabrera, as you will spot small islands with a variety of forms, as well as dolphins and seagulls.


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How to get to Ses Salines

This time you have chosen a municipality of the island of Mallorca to enjoy a relaxing holiday in your rental apartment, enjoying the tranquility and relaxing on its beaches. But to get there, you must first know your way from your arrival to Palma de Mallorca, whether by plane or boat.

If you want to use public transportation, go to the Palma Intermodal Station and get on the bus 515. This bus will take you to Campos, where you have to get off at the stop located in Calle Nicolau Oliver and wait for the bus 505, which will take you to Ses Salines. The duration of the whole journey is usually, if there is no excessive traffic, just over an hour and a half.

If you do not want to take so long to carry out the trip from Palma and want to enjoy complete freedom of movement, you can rent a vehicle. In this case take the Ma-19 and after forty-five minutes you will be in Ses Salines.

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