Being a city completely open to the sea in the most southern of Europe and close to Africa, Tarifa is an ideal destination to stay in a summer vacation apartment, and even more so if you like windsurfing. In addition to sun and beach in Tarifa you will find prehistoric remains of Baelo Claudia.


Holiday apartments for rent Tarifa

What see and do in Tarifa

If you are on holiday in an apartment in Tarifa, you cannot miss the historic center, which is also surrounded by medieval walls from the 13th centry, declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 2003. Of the three doors that allowed access to the interior of Tarifa from the walls, the Puerta de Jerez, located further north, is still conserved, in what is one of the most emblematic images of Tarifa.

We encourage you to go through that wall door to find a network of tiled streets, with the typical white houses of Andalusia. In some of them you can even visit its picturesque Andalusian interior courtyard. Also, you can enjoy the multitude of handicraft shops, restaurants and tapas bars where to shelter from the heat of summer.

During your holiday in Tarifa in your rental apartment, you cannot miss either Iglesia de San Francisco, built in Baroque and Neoclassical style, Iglesia de San Mateo, built in Gothic style in the early 16th century, or Iglesia de Santiago, of the 14th century, in Aljaranda.

After this route of churches through Tarifa, what better than a bit of nightlife before returning to your rental apartment? Head to San Francisco Street and get lost in one of the epicenters of the Tarifian nightlife.




Holiday rental apartments Tarifa

What to eat and drink in Tarifa

If you do not have to worry about something when you are on holiday in Tarifa in your rental apartment is what you are going to eat, since in Tarifa there is a huge offer of tapas bars, beach bars and restaurants offering typical Mediterranean cuisine. The typical food of Tarifa includes the pescaito frito, or fried fish, direct from the boats of the fishermen who arrive at the port each morning to the bars, restaurants and fish markets of Tarifa.


Formerly called Al-Yazirat Tarif (Isla de Tarifa) by the Muslims, this has traditionally been an important and strategic place. But without doubt, the best of spending the summer in one of its beachfront apartments is its warm climate, the friendliness of its people, its tranquility and magnificent coast.


Vacation apartments for rent Tarifa

Beaches of Tarifa

Tarifa has 35 kilometers of coastline, wide beaches and charming coves, where you can enjoy spectacular views. The beaches of Tarifa are famous all over the world for their good conditions for practicing windsurfing and kitesurfing, but it is also the ideal place to practice scuba diving and / or snorkeling.

Another thing you can do in Tarifa while staying in a holiday apartment is going to Playa de Atlanterra, where you will spot something very peculiar: one of the bunkers built after the civil war to avoid possible inclusions of the allies along the coast of Cadiz. In the borders of Cabo of Gracia you will find Playa de los Alemanes, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches of the coast of Cadiz.

Playa de Punta Paloma is simply spectacular, because it is under a great dune at the end of Bahía de Cádiz. It is about ten kilometers from Tarifa, but you will find in it multiple chiringuitos where you can eat, drink. There are also some rental apartments in the area. Punta Paloma is one of those beaches where you can smear with mud all over the body.

And if you are looking for a different kind of beach, visit Playa Chica, which is called this way because it is only 75 meters long (chica means small), next to the port of Tarifa. It is the southernmost beach of the European continent and the only one in Tarifa bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


Holiday apartments for rent Tarifa

How to get to Tarifa

To get to Tarifa there are several transport alternatives. If you come from one of the airports in Andalusia, we recommend hiring a private car service or transfer to go to Tarifa, which are available every day of the year at any time. There are also different bus lines that arrive daily to Tarifa from Algeciras and Cadiz.

You can also get from Tangier by ferry.

In Tarifa there is no train station, the nearest train station is Algeciras and from Algeciras you can get to Tarifa in 20 minutes by bus.

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The accommodation offer is wide and for all tastes and prices. The municipality has seven campsites, as well as hotels, but we do recommend you rent a holiday apartment in Tarifa, which is undoubtedly the best option in terms of independence and price. The holiday apartments located in the city are generally big, and therefore, suitable for couples or small groups. The biggest holiday apartments are situated on the west coast, and almost all of them are close to the beaches, with very nice views. Whatever your need, you are sure to find the perfect holiday rental accommodation in Tarifa.


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