Tarragona is the capital of the same province and of Costa Dorada. This city has a long commercial and marine tradition thanks to the great Puerto de Tarragona, but what stands out about it and what it is really known for is its great historical heritage. Tarragona was declared in 2000 as a World Heritage by UNESCO, which is a great honor for all of the Tarragona people and at the same time has promoted the opening of the city to the world.


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What see and do in Tarragona

As every commercial city, the city offers many options for a perfect shopping day. Along the Rambla Nova, you will find shops of all kinds: fashion, jewelry, decoration, and much more, besides you will know the city in depth and wander around enjoying the day-to-day of Tarragona. But if you like malls the most, there are two, the Parc Central and Corte Inglés, with all kinds of stores, supermarket, parking, and places to eat or drink.

We also highlight the Roman Forum, which was the nerve center of the city, where people gathered and where the market was located, etc. We cannot forget to mention the Museo Arqueológico Nacional de Tarragona, where we find hundreds of sculptures, mosaics, utensils for daily use and much more.

Another cool visit is the Museo Paleocristiano, just outside the city, where visitors will find countless remains and burials in amphorae and of course, the place that everyone has in mind when visiting Tarragona: the stunning Roman amphitheater, which during your visit you will tour the bleachers, sit there and imagine how the beasts fought the slaves, or feel the cries of the excited crowd before the show. You’ll also have the chance to walk through the skeleton of the building, see the cells where animals, Christians and slaves wait before going to the arena. Without a doubt, this is a really impressive visit that no one should miss.


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Eating and drinking in Tarragona

There are several entertainment areas in the city, the Barrio del Seraglio is a famous harborside, where there is a great variety in cuisine. Also, in the Port you will find plenty of bars open until the wee hours of the morning.
In the upper part of the city you will find some of the most charming Tarragona restaurants, some of them are part of the city wall that is exposed on the inside giving it a unique atmosphere.

In the Costa Dorada there is a long culinary tradition due to the influence of the sea in its meals; fish and seafood are therefore the basis of their most delicious recipes, among which stand out the rice, paella, black rice, rice with langoustines, red shrimp, and romesco sauce as an accompaniment to these dishes. There is also traditional calçotada, which is very popular and is mostly eaten during the winter with family or friends with some elongated onions called calçots, making it a party day.


In Tarragona it is impossible to get bored, as there are many activities to do for all tastes: lovers of history and culture will enjoy the Ruta Romana, which begins through the walls of the 2nd century BC of which still remain more than 1km, and on this route they will visit the “vueltas” of the Roman circus, circular vaults that passed through most part of the city, and held chariot races. These vaults are still in good condition.


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What to do in Tarragona with children

Tarragona is a perfect city to walk with children, the ideal thing is to rent an apartment in the center of Tarragona if you are interested in cultural tours that can be very educational and fun at the same time. There are also many beach areas, there are 10 amazing beaches for all tastes, from long and urban beaches to the most pristine and secluded coves.

One of the main attractions of the Costa Dorada if you're traveling with family is Port Aventura, one of the biggest and best theme parks in Europe, with five perfectly acclimated areas in each of its themes: China, Polynesia, Mexico, Far west, and Mediterraneo. In the park you will find amazing attractions, roller coasters, and plenty of shows that will make the visit memorable. They have an area specially dedicated to children called Sésamo Aventura, where your children will love its attractions and shows, it will be difficult to get them out of the park unless they are asleep! If you prefer aquatic activities, Port Aventura also has a water park called Costa Caribe, and very close to it, there is another water park called Acuópolis.

The old town of Tarragona can be a good place to explore with children where the Cathedral of Tarragona dedicated to Santa Tecla stands, noble houses are hidden in a medieval network of narrow, cobbled streets, and where also find the Jewish Quarter and the arcades of Calle Mercerías.

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How to get to Tarragona

Tarragona is a city that has very good access, it is just 85km from the Aeropuerto Internacional del Prat in Barcelona, and 11km from Reus Airport, plus there is access by train from the Tarragona station and a high-speed train from the Camp de Tarragona station. By road, there are options depending on where you travel from. From the city passes the N-340 highway, which runs along the Spanish coast as the AP-7 motorway, or the A-7. You can also arrive by ship.


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