Torroella de Montgri is a municipality belonging to the Bajo Ampurdán in the province of Girona, Catalonia. The core of Torroella de Montgri is located in the north bank of the river Ter. Until the 17th century this plain formed the Torroella pond, which was dried by then. Here there are two nuclei or organizations of population. One is Estartit with 3,421 inhabitants and the other is Torroella de Montgrí with 8,101 inhabitants. Estartit is an administratively aggregate village to Torroella de Montgrí.


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What to do and see in Torroella de Montgrí

One of the great charms for a holiday in Torroella de Montgri is to visit the Medas Islands. They are an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea, which in turn consists of seven small islands and some islets. It's a great maritime reserve for its great seabed, being the largest area of Cataluña. There you can enjoy the beauty of the area, its waters and the Mediterranean climate that bathes these islands.

Following with summer activities, one of the favorite places for tourists just outside your rental accommodation is to go to Playa de la Gola or Cala Callela. These are two natural areas that offer tranquility, crystal clear water and fine sand.

Within domestic tourism, we cannot forget to visit the bridge that stands on Río Ter, that still features remains of walls and the medieval city center. One of the most emblematic constructions in Torroella is Castillo de Montgri.


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What to eat and drink in Torroella de Montgri

The cuisine of Torroella is basically made of products such as
seafood. Who rents an apartment in Torroella de Montgri cannot leave without trying the varied gastronomy that they offer, with different flavors and textures, made according to the cook. Vegetables and garden products are also typical dishes on the restaurant menus and meats.

As for the drink, the holiday season is the best time to relax and allow yourself an occasional treat. Therefore, the preferred drink of the Catalans and tourists when visiting Torroella de Montgri is undoubtedly the wine.



As for the celebrations, the largest and patron celebration of this county is Sant Genís, celebrated on August 25 each year, being the party that attracts more tourists for being the favorite month of the summer holidays and the time when there is more demand for rental apartments. Another one of the most talked about festivals is Feria de Sant Andreu that is celebrated the last weekend of November. It is the oldest fair in Cataluña with over 600 years of history.


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What to do with children in Torroella de Montgri

One of the best activities to do with children during holidays
in Torroella de Montgri is go to the beach
. There you can play with them in the water or in the sand with a ball, shovels, puppets, etc. They will have fun and enjoy their vacation.

During the months of July and August you can go to Mini Beach Club, an area with many children's activities for children between 4 and 10 years are organized. They will meet new people and develop their socialization skills. Other activities that can be done with children if you rent an apartment in Toorella de Montgrí are going to sea on boats or sailing. It will be a new experience for the little ones and enjoying as ever. Also, you can go with them to do a course or diving activity and meet the seafloor.

Children love castels, Castillo de Montgri is a military fortification built between 1294 and 1302 on top of Macizo del Montgrí.


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How to get to Torroella de Montgri

Once you have booked an accommodation rental in Torroella de Montgri, it is time to know what is the shortest route or best routes to reach your destination. Let's take three main points: north, south and center of Spain to have an overview of the journey.

Let’s start from the north. We set León as a reference. From this point we can take two routes. One is taking the AP-2, but knowing that we will find a toll on the road, and the other is to go directly by the AP-68. In about 8 hours we will be unloading the luggage in the apartment we rented in Torroella de Montgri.

From Madrid we also have two options: take the A-2 and follow it until we reach our destination or link it with the AP-2. In the latter option we will find a toll. With both routes we will arrive in 7 hours. In the case of starting the trip in Córdoba or nearby cities we have three routes. The first is to take the AP-7, being the shortest because of tolls. We can also go for the A-4 and then engage with the A-2 or go direct on the A-2 to Torroella de Montgri.

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