Vinaroz is a population of 27,000 inhabitants of the Costa Azahar, north boundary of the province that stands as a gateway to Valencia. Vinaroz is located 72km from the city of Castellón. The Valencia airport is just 150km. The friendly people, quality and modernity of its infrastructure, its cuisine, its climate, its historical past and its more than 12 km from Vinaroz Costa make it an important tourist destination of the Spanish Coasts.


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What to see and do in Vinaros?

It is a pleasure to walk in the evenings by the fishing port of Vinaroz when fishermen arrive at the port after a long day of fishing with the catches loaded, ready to bring them to market and sell the product. Know more about the traditional life of fishermen and enjoy the sale of fish in the bustling market is an experience.

During our stay in Vinaroz we can make a visit to the neighboring town of Peñíscola which is situated just 10km away. It is a wonderful city worth a trip either to enjoy its great Castillo Templario, to wander through the narrow cobbled streets of the old town or spend a day at the famous North Beach. Peñíscola has a lot to offer.

Among the attractions of the town we find climbing to the mountain Puig and visiting Ermita de Misericordia located 6 km from the town. A beautiful sanctuary built in the 16th century.


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Eating and drinking in Vinarós

The strategic location of Vinaroz north boundary of the province of Castillón has made it influenced by both the Catalan and Valencian cuisine for centuries. Nestled on the Mediterranean it has an extensive marine tradition reflected in its gastronomy, with the addition of the variety and quality of Valencia's famous orchards.

Vinaroz is a land of prawns. This Vinaroz seafood is the main protagonist of the kitchens and it is really appreciated throughout the world for its taste and quality. During the year many festivals and gastronomic events in the city are dedicated to shrimp and all restaurants have their specialties.

As typical dishes we can highlight the "arrossejat", the "suquet de peix" and a variety of paellas and rice dishes.


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How to get to Vinaros

If you travel by road for the Castellón / Barcelona AP-7 motorway you should take exit 43 that lead to Nacional 340 from where you follow the signs to the center of Vinarós.
If you want to travel by plane, the Valencia airport with good national and international connections, it is 147 km. Also, although much smaller and with far fewer flights than in Valencia, you can use Reus Airport located 112 km away.
The town has a train station in the square of the station with direct daily trains from Alicante, Valencia, Castellón, Tarragona and Barcelona 12 km away.



The center and the port of Vinaroz are lively, the town has a lovely promenade with shops, ice cream shops and many restaurants. It is a pleasure to wander through its streets and browse the shops and stands of handicrafts and souvenirs after a long day at the beach. Strolling through the old town you can find many monuments and churches of great cultural interest such as the fortified Church of Vinaroz which was built in the 16th century.


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The coastline of Vinarós

Vinaroz has one of the most important fishing ports on the east coast. In this village, fishing has traditionally been one of the mainstays of the economy of the municipality where we find large trawlers and other boats dedicated exclusively to the anchovy and the famous Vinaroz shrimp, which has become a symbol of this town.

Vinaroz has 12 km of coastline made up of 25 beaches and coves of great beauty with crystal clear waters each year attracting thousands of tourists to this region. The coastline consisting of coves and beautiful beaches that could be divided into 3 parts: coves north, downtown beaches and coves in the south, where the central beach area receives more visitors.

Central beaches are formed by Playa del Clot , Playa Fora del Forat and Playa del Fortí. And in the north and south areas there are small coves and uncrowded beaches.


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Where to eat in Vinaroz

From TripKay we can recommend the El Barco restaurant located on the seafront opposite the beach of Vinaroz. It has a wide culinary tradition, this restaurant was founded in 1976 and offers fresh and quality products, good traditional seafood dishes in a family atmosphere. It is located on Paseo Blasco Ibáñez 15 on the seafront.


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