Xeraco is a coastal municipality of the Valencian Community. It is located in the region of La Safor. It has a population of 6,230 inhabitants. Within Xeraco or Jaraco, lies the core population of Playa de Jaraco. From the 70's, there has been a boom in the construction and carpentry industries to improve the rental accommodation field but, thanks to tourism, the sector that has experienced the greatest growth has been the services sector.


Holiday rental apartments Xeraco

What to do and see in Xeraco

The main attraction of Xeraco Playa are its beaches, especially Playa Xeraco. It has an extension of 2,620 meters in length and 60 meters in width. It is a urban beach that since 1988 receives each year the European Blue Flag and the Q of tourist quality. It has golden sand and calm waters.

Xeraco Playa has sanitary services, surveillance, tourist information posts, supermarkets, rental apartments and entertainment venues in its surroundings. In addition, in recent years have been included new infrastructures such as a skating rink, basketball courts, football fields and a place for concerts.

Regarding the historical heritage, Xeraco holds Ermita Stmo. Cristo de la Agonía is a religious temple of a single nave built in the nineteenth century. Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación dates from the eighteenth century and is built in neoclassical style. It is composed of two steeples, one of them attached to the church itself.

Torre de Guaita is a cylindrical construction that was used as a watchtower for maritime surveillance.


Holiday rental apartments Xeraco

What to eat and drink in Xeraco

The Valencian coast is one of the most valued in Spain for its climate, its nature, its beaches and its gastronomy. Many of the tourists who visit Xeraco arrive to the municipality with their mind set on trying their exquisite dishes of which have heard or have tried before. The cuisine of Xeraco is typical Mediterranean, with a great variety of ingredients such as fish, meat, rice and vegetables.

The Valencian Community is known for the paella, cooked in many different forms such as arroz al horno, arroz con costra de pimientos, arroz a banda, arroz negro o fideua, among other varieties. Other star dishes of this municipality are pimientos rellenos, el suquet de anguilas o el esgarrae. Regarding pastries, we find la coca Cristina, el turrón de meula y de gato o la coca dulce. The most typical drinks are el carajillo de café, ron, canela y limón.


Xeraco also stands out for its local festivals, like Las Fallas, which were first held in 1997 and have always had a great popularity among locals and tourists. La Virgen del Carmen is another festival that is celebrated on the streets of Xeraco, the closest weekend to the 16 of July. Las Fiestas Mayores are celebrated from the 2nd to the 7th of August where religious aspects and various activities are combined. They also chose the Miss of the festivity.


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What to do with children in Xeraco

Xeraco is a municipality comprised by impressive natural hiking routes, such as Pico del Mondúver, a mountain of 843 meters high from which you can see a panoramic view of Xeraco.

Other routes or natural places are the surroundings of fuentes del Ull, y del Chopo, el paraje de Las Planas, Barcella, Puntal de las Hoyas and el Rincón Ferragud. They are accessible routes for anyone, although it is advisable to carry provisions such as food and water.

Xeraco also has wet and marshy areas as well as lagoons that make up a varied ecosystem. In the surroundings to the river Vaca we can see ditches and migratory waterfowl.

Another of the activities most demanded by the families who choose Xeraco as tourist destination during the holidays is to go with their children to the theater or to the cinema and to see emblematic monuments. You can also make cultural visits and enjoy the local gastronomy. Another option is heading to the centers that offer adventure activities for children in Xeraco such as scuba diving, canoeing, excursions, boat trips, horseback riding, balloon rides, fishing, etc.


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How to get to Xeraco

Lots of people book rental apartments in Xeraco during the summer holidays. If you are one of those tourists who want to spend an incredible vacation in a rental accommodation in this municipality, take note of how to get there. If you go from Madrid, the fastest road is the A-3. You can access it from the A-40 or connect it with the A-31.

From Andalusia, you can take the A-3, A-4 of the AP-7. From the Basque Country, the main road is the A-23, which can be taken directly either from the AP-68 or the N-211.

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