Zahora is a small rural town located next to Caños de Meca and the municipality of Barbate in the province of Cádiz (Andalucía). It is located past Faro de Trafalgar and extends to the Mangueta. The first point mentioned is an ideal place to park your car and go to Zahora on foot to enjoy its spectacular scenery.


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What to do and see in Zahora

The main activity in Zahora for both locals and tourists who have rented an apartment is to relax on its beach. Unlike the other beaches of the Costa de la Luz, Zahora offers great privileges when it comes to peace. No need to get up early to find a place on the beach or having to share space with those around you. It is a place of complete calmness in which the most frequent noise is caused by the movement of the waves.

Such is the tranquility of the natural beaches in Zahora, and it is common to practice nudism to enhance the connection to the sea, air, landscapes and vivid sensations.In addition to the peacefulness that Zahora offers, it is also possible to do surfing, kite surfing, diving or other water sports.

Near Breña is the rural town of San Ambrosio where its Visigothic hermitage is outstanding. Tourists can also visit Barbate and enjoy the urban Playa del Carmen.


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What to eat and drink in Zahora

Zahora gastronomy is characterized by fish. The usual being fried fish and other various forms of cooking. Tuna is also very common, being almost their hallmark because this town is known as Zahora de los Atunes. Throughout the whole area, you can find great restaurants to eat typical local dishes with spices and flavors very different from the usual.

As for the drink, Zahora is not connected to any in particular. During the holidays it is common for tourists to accompany their meal with a bottle of wine and then continue the party in the area or rest in their rental accommodation.


Zahora is characterized by its 3 kilometers of fine sand beach and its breathtaking sunsets as it is facing west. The beach waters are crystal clear during the day but when evening comes it acquires golden hues that are reflected in the sky, turning Zahora into a real paradise.


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What to do with children in Zahora

The most recommended activities to do with children in Zahora is to play on the beach. The children will have fun just getting into the water, you can play with them to build castles in the sand or dig a hole. You can also play ball or fly a kite. Parents will enjoy it as much as children. In Zahora you can also go diving to see the marine ecosystem. Kids will love seeing fish and shells, among other things.

In this area it is also possible to rent bikes or horses to explore the surroundings and practice sports. These routes can also be visited walking, that is, you can hike with peace of mind that you have a great apartment to rest in.

You can take excursions around the area once you have found your rental accommodation. Just a few kilometers away, you can visit the Sewers of Mecca and its beaches and cliffs. It is also possible to visit the Parque Natural de la Breña .


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How to get to Zahora

Zahora holidays await you. It's time to get into the car and start the journey to your destination as soon as possible to reach the apartment rental. To do this, you will need to know how to reach Zahora depending on your starting point.

If you start from Madrid, the best option is to go for the A-4 direct to Zahora. It is also possible to take the N-420 road first to link later with the A-4, though this route will require more time behind the wheel.

If, on the other hand, you go from a point located west of Spain such as León, the fastest direct route is taking the A-66 where you will find a toll on the road. However, it is also possible to reach Zahora through Madrid (in this case you would take as indicated above) and make a small stop in Portugal.

From Murcia, eastern Spain, you have three options. You can take the A-7 knowing that tolls will be on the way but it is the shortest route, take the A-92 or A-4. Whatever your choice, in a few hours you will be enjoying your well-deserved holiday in Zahora.

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