Enjoy your holiday apartment

Who doesn't dream of the beach in the summer? Time with friends, a day relaxing in the sun, getting home from the beach to take a steaming hot shower… After a year of hard work, it’s important to disconnect in a comfortable and quiet place. On Tripkay, we have more than 6000 holiday apartments available for you to rent, spread all over the Spanish coast.

The best apartments on the beach

Renting a suitable apartment can sometimes become an odyssey. On Tripkay, we do not want your vacation to be a problem, rather the opposite: our goal is to make your life easier.

Work, family, daily pressures... Holidays are the perfect time to get away from it all. Let Tripkay help you rent an apartment on the beach, or in the city, with the best value for money, to enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner or a trip with family or friends.

In middle and high season, finding an affordable beachfront apartment can be difficult or impossible, but thanks to Tripkay, we can help you find apartments in provinces and municipalities along the Mediterranean coast. From the wild, rugged coast of Costa Brava to the white sand beaches of Costa de la Luz, the best holiday apartments are just a click away.

Enjoying a few days near the beach is beneficial. In addition to relaxation, it is very good for our health. Our body needs vitamin D from the sun, and the sea breeze is good for the respiratory system. We recommend you spend your holidays on the beach and stay in the best tourist apartments on the market.

Spend your holiday on an apartment and forget about the price

Worrying about your budget is normal when planning a holiday. Beachfront apartments can have exorbitant prices due to excess demand and a limited number of suitable properties.


During the peak holiday season, the price for a hotel is incredibly expensive, but renting a vacation apartment has two very important advantages. First, for the cost of 3 nights in a hotel, you can spend 5 days in an apartment, as the difference in price is considerable. Second, you can prepare your own meals and save money on dining out.Summer dishes do not usually require much preparation time.

Book any apartment you choose with Tripkay immediately.

Booking an apartment with Tripkay is very simple. Make use of our search tool, including the number of people that will be staying in our apartments, the destination that you want to visit and the days that you will be there. If the apartment is available, you can book it immediately and you will receive a confirmation email. We use an SLL certificate to process all payments so you can rest easy that your personal information remains secure. Your peace of mind and comfort are our top priority!

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