How to book with Tripkay

Decide where you want to travel to
If you are still not clear where to travel, check out our Travel Guide with information, photos, videos and tips to help you find a perfect destination for you, afterwards, you just have to enter that destination in our accommodation search engine.

Choose the accommodation that best suits your needs
Finding your accommodation is very simple and fast. Tripkay makes it easy. With an advanced search system you will quickly find the accommodation that best suits your needs, just enter the dates you want and apply the filters to optimize your search to the fullest, you will get a list of available accommodations that you can mark as favorites to have them in sight. You will also have the option to view them on a location map to ensure that you are in the place that you are interested in.

Receive confirmation of your reservation
Once you make the reservation you will receive our confirmation by email. The term will vary depending on whether the accommodation has immediate confirmation or must be confirmed by the accommodation manager, and your payment method, you will generally receive your confirmation within 24 hours on weekdays, with detailed information about accommodation, key collection , Schedules, optional services, etc ...
Make a payment on account and pays the rest the day of your arrival
Once you find the perfect accommodation for you, book it! You will only have to pay the percentage required by the provider (which is usually 40% of the reservation) by credit card or bank transfer. Pay the rest the day of your arrival to the accommodation, in cash or by credit card.
Enjoy the trip and leave us a comment
Start your trip! Enjoy your well deserved vacation! Once your trip is over, we will send you an email so that you can comment everything you want about our service or about the accommodation. Your opinion is very important to us and can be very valuable to other travelers in the future.
Enjoy the journey and leave us a comment