Terms and conditions

1. Identification

In compliance with the Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we hereby inform you that this website is owned by Tripkay Professional Holiday Services, S.L. with registered offices in Cambrils, Avenida Diputación, 39, CP 43850 and N.I.F. B55671283, registered in the Commercial Register of Tarragona, Volume 2919, Book 0, Folio 1683, Sheet T49246, 1st Registration, hereinafter "Tripkay", a web platform that facilitates tourist rentals, acting as an intermediary for Users to access information and access and formalize reservations and transactions in regard to a wide range of accommodations marketed, managed, and promoted by third parties with Tripkay as an intermediary.

With the Tripkay platform, the User will be able to access features, price offers and availability from a wide variety of suppliers and destinations, as well as consult regarding Terms and Conditions, formalize, and pay for reservations.

2. Purpose of the Terms and Conditions

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to regulate the relationship between the User and Tripkay, granting the utmost guarantees of transparency and security possible within the regulations applicable to the digital market and the protection of Consumers and Users.

The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which is a requirement for the use of the Tripkay website, makes the Client a User subject to these Terms and Conditions in all its extension: when accessing the tool and initiating searches for destinations to book, it is understood that the client has read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions for use and the privacy policy of the website expressly and without reservation.

In their original version, these Terms and Conditions are written in Spanish, so if the User accesses a translation to another language where the interpretation is discrepant, the Spanish version will predominate.

These Terms and Conditions do not apply to third party intermediaries, real estate, platforms, agents, broker intermediaries and/or individuals who sell their accommodations through Tripkay. Before entering into a reservation, the User must carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions applied by each provider managing the accommodation to be reserved, as well as the specific Terms and Conditions of each owner, which are stated in the description of each accommodation, and only after accepting all of them in full can the User make a reservation through Tripkay.

Any payment terms, cancellations, schedules - along with the specifications of the property - will be sent to the User by email in pdf format along with the confirmation of the reservation.

The User declares that he or she is of legal age (18 years old under Spanish law) with full legal capacity to acquire the services offered through the Tripkay platform according to these General Terms and Conditions. In case of a minor making a reservation, Tripkay will not be responsible in any case, and the person legally responsible for such a minor will be responsible for assuming the legal expenses this could cause.



3. Availability of the platform

Tripkay is a free platform that can be used through internet connection devices, being compatible with different browsers. Although Tripkay is free, in no case will the Tripkay Company be responsible for any mobile data consumption expenses incurred by the User when using Tripkay through their devices if they are not connected to Wi-Fi.

Tripkay will make every reasonable effort within its control and management capacity to guarantee and maintain adequate availability of the platform at all times for its Users. However, the availability and smooth operation of the platform may be impaired, slowed down or prevented by factors beyond Tripkay's responsibility and control, such as, but not limited to, the operation of Platforms and/or third party providers with which they are linked, cache incidents, or the quality of the User's internet connection.

Tripkay reserves the right to integrate advertising into the platform as long as this does not impinge on its accessibility to the User.

Tripkay also reserves the right to interrupt the service temporarily without prejudice to the reservations already formalized.

4. Duration of Terms and Conditions

The current Terms and Conditions enter into force on March 15, 2017, for an indefinite duration and will apply for the relationship between Tripkay and the User navigating its website or using its platform to access third-party offers. The User may stop using the website and the platform at any time simply by leaving the site.

5. Accommodation information

The reservation of tourist accommodations through our website will be based on the detailed description provided by the owner or manager of the tourist accommodation, such managers being the ones who supply the initial information or provide additional information required regarding their accommodations, and thus the third party manager of the property is solely responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided and the quality of the services provided, as it is outside of Tripkay's ability to control the accuracy of the information.

6. Process of booking accommodations through Tripkay

To make a reservation, the user must populate a form with certain required parameters. The parameters consist of the essential data for the accommodations the User wants to rent, such as place/location, dates, number of people, etc. Tripkay will provide the User with a series of accommodation proposals adapted to the parameters introduced in a fully automated way.

The platform will search and compare the prices of the offered accommodation and will show the User the results in order, based on the mathematically lower amount.

If the User, after learning the Terms and Conditions of the offer, agrees to them and makes the proposed reservation, the User will then access the payment gateway. After paying the amount charged for the reservation, the User will see a locator (alphanumeric) code. In a period of 24 hrs. or a maximum of 48 hrs. in case of holidays or weekend, the User will receive a booking voucher or confirmation email with:

the necessary indications for the check in & out, location, schedules

booking details


identification of the guest/guests

Additionally, the confirmation email will also include a link to the Terms and Conditions from the accepted Supplier, so that they can continue to access them at any time.

Depending on the hosting manager, the User may receive the electronic bonus directly, which must sometimes be printed and in other cases will not be necessary. It is the responsibility of the User to consult the Conditions of the supplier prior to contracting.

After the formalization of the reservation, the User should review the content of it in order to identify possible errors in the data entry. In order to process its correction, the User must contact the corresponding supplier in a maximum of 48 hours, being fully applicable the Terms and Conditions of it in relation to the modification of the reservation data.

The User will arrive punctually to the stipulated time and place for key delivery. Whenever the stipulated appointment cannot be met, the client should contact the accommodations manager to arrange a new appointment as soon as possible. In the even the client does not appear, the policy of the supplier will be applied in regards to the non-presentation and the return of the amounts corresponding to the days not utilized, depending on the circumstances, if applicable.

Any deficiency that the client finds on his or her arrival at the accommodation must be communicated to the accommodation manager within a maximum of 24 hours. If the problem or issue arises in the property during the stay, it must be communicated immediately so that the accommodation manager can remedy it. In case the guest(s) not communicate any claim during the stay, the client will not have the right to submit any claim or to request any compensation.

To cancel a reservation, the client must send us an email to bookings@tripkay.com along with the copy of the confirmation of the reservation with a €25 cancellation charge to Tripkay. No cancellations will be accepted over the phone.

There may also be penalties for cancellation depending on the Terms and Conditions of each provider. The penalty will be indicated in the tab of each accommodation or in the general Terms and Conditions of each provider. Normally, the cancellation charges will be higher, the less time remains for the date of arrival at the property, and may be up to 100% of the amount.

7. Price

The price shown on the Tripkay platform constitutes the final price, taxes and fees included, which will be charged on the customer's card for the total number of travelers. The price does not include any other expenses, especially any additional costs that the user has to bear or want to add due to the policies of renting sheets and towels, or due to security deposits, insurance, cleaning, or other provider costs.

Property prices are constantly updated by suppliers, fluctuating many times a day. It is possible, therefore, that in a reservation process initiated by a User with a certain search and identical parameters, the Tripkay platform will display different results depending on the specific moment in which the searches are performed. It is even possible that in a prolonged search, the price offered will oscillate. In no case will the price accepted differ from that indicated on the payment gateway, once the proposal has been accepted.

8. Payment

A full or partial payment may be made depending on the reservation.

In case of partial payments, the customer is obligated to submit an advance payment at the time of making the reservation, which will be deducted from the final amount. The customer is also required to settle the remaining amount due on the rental before receiving the keys to the accommodation. In certain cases specified in the accommodation data file, the customer must pay a deposit or security that will be returned to him or her on departure, as long as the house has suffered no damage during the stay.

Payments for Tripkay services may be completed via debit or credit card through the secure payment gateway. In no case will Tripkay have access to or store the data of the card entered by the User to make the payment, which will go through the encrypted digital payment tool.

The amount can be paid by VISA or MasterCard or by wire transfer. In the case of wire transfer, it will be necessary to e-mail the receipt the address indicated in the offer. The User must consult with his or her bank to learn of any surcharges or commissions that will be applied to them for the transaction, notwithstanding that the cost or commission of each payment form is indicated on the payment form. In no case is Tripkay responsible for the charges collected by the User’s bank in connection with the transaction, especially in regard to any charges derived from currency exchange for the payment.

Tripkay will not be responsible for any problems experienced by the Customer when making the payment with a card, since it is an automated process, nor for any illegal charges Users make on cards not owned by them.

In case the transaction is not completed successfully or there are indications of fraud or a wrongful purchase, Tripkay reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

For any request, consultation or claim relating to subscriptions, charges, or billing, the User may contact Tripkay through bookings@Tripkay.com

9. Responsibilities and obligations of the User

The User undertakes to make use of the services and contents of Tripkay, on the web and on the platform for private use only and in accordance with the Law and the general and particular Terms and Conditions of the services offered at any time, and must refrain from using these for:

Introducing software or applications into the network with the intention of causing damage to the computer systems of Tripkay, its suppliers or third parties, or Users of the internal network or of this website.

Performing illegal activities or activities contrary to good faith, customs, morals, or public order.

Carrying out activities that constitute a violation of the regulation on intellectual and industrial property or any other norm of the applicable legal order.

Making speculative, false, or fraudulent applications or contracts.


Without prejudice to the minimum obligations imposed on the platforms in current legislation, this website is utilized at the risk and responsibility of the User.

The making of reservations by the User will be also subject to the specific Terms and Conditions that the suppliers establish in each case, and that the User accepts. The User consents to respect the Terms and Conditions of purchase that are established by any supplier with whom they finally contract.

The User is responsible for providing his/her data correctly in the hiring processes, and at all times the User must enter all the identification data correctly and as they appear on his/her ID or passport. The User will, in any case, respond to the veracity of the data provided and will be responsible for communicating any modification in it to the platform or the portal, with Tripkay reserving the right to refuse the use of the platform to any User who provides false data, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in law.

The User will be personally responsible for informing the platform and complying with the specific requirements and instructions of the reservation: property capacity, schedules, time in advance, bail bonds, community standards, pets, cleaning, etc.

The user will comply with the civic norms of a property for the extent of the reservation, especially in relation to noises, garbage, schedules, swimming pools, etc., acting with the greatest diligence to return the property to the manager in the same condition in which it was delivered.

If the User is going to travel with minors, they should consult the policy of minors and adapt the reservation to it.

10. Tripkay’s Limitation of responsibility

Tripkay is not part of the contractual relationship between the property manager and the User and limits its liability to the minimums that applicable law establishes for the platforms that host information for the intermediation of tourist rentals, specifically, with a limiting and non-limiting nature:

Tripkay will respond to the correct functioning of the website and the platform within its scope and control capacity in regard to the specific incidence and its individual intervention in the development and maintenance of the module from which the incidence was derived, given that certain features of the platform are partially supported by other Tripkay technology partners.


Tripkay is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the User when using this website or platform, such as temporary interruptions, manipulations, viruses or other detrimental element, inconvenience or incident of any kind, confirming that Tripkay has taken and applies all the necessary security measures for the development of its activity.


Likewise, Tripkay is not liable for any inconvenience, accident, damage or problem caused by force majeure or incidental occurrences outside its control . TripKay is not responsible for the impossibility of occupying the rented accommodation in case of force majeure, as in the case of riots, strikes, labor or political disputes, terrorism, natural disasters or other interventions by which our services may result affected.


Under no circumstances will Tripkay be responsible for links to thirdparty pages or apps integrated into its website or its platform, or the content of these, outside of its control capacity.


Tripkay does not have control over the descriptive texts of the accommodation or the accommodation itself, so it will not respond about errors or lack of updating of the requirements, characteristics, service management, errata or inaccuracy of the displayed prices.


Tripkay offers accommodation services, which sometimes require certain physical abilities as the property is not affected by the same accessibility regulations as other types of accommodation. It is the responsibility of the User to assess whether there are any circumstances related to his or her health or other passengers that may pose a risk to the User or third parties, or may make it impossible to access the housing for tourist use.


In the event that the User is not present on the agreed date, or if he/she is not at the meeting point in the time set by the manager of the property, for reasons that do not include force majeure, no refund will be made, neither by the owner of the property nor by Tripkay, for which the User will lose the amount paid. It is the responsibility of the User to locate the properties and arrive on time. It is recommended that a contract insurance is taken out in case of  cancellation of reservations.


Tripkay is not responsible for the loss, theft or robbery of luggage or personal effects of the Users during the stays. Neither will it be responsible for the damages suffered by the Users, illness during the trip, nor their death. Therefore, Tripkay recommends their Users for greater protection and security, to contract insurance policies of assistance, this without prejudice of the rights that cover them in each circumstance.


Thirdparty intermediaries and / or housing managers whose accommodation is offered by Tripkay as well as the owners of the housing are responsible for having the permits, licenses and insurance necessary to carry out their activities and to respond to the consumer in the event of any incidents concerning their fields of activity.


In compliance with its standards of quality and vocation of service to the User, Tripkay strives to continuously review the search processes using its technology and qualified staff. Nevertheless, such processes are not exempt from exceptionally containing inaccuracies, errata or any kind of material error or arithmetic error generated in an involuntary way. Tripkay does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information or the content of the website and the platform, especially in the one provided by the service providers for the commercialization of the services through the platform.

In particular, Tripkay shall be entitled to refuse all liability in the case of typographical or numerical errors with respect to which it would have acted with due diligence and immediacy and in good faith both for its correction and to inform the User in this respect and to reimburse any amounts paid in their case. This exemption from liability will be especially applicable in the case of acquisition of services in which a sales price is detected that is disproportionately misaligned with respect to the reasonable market value of the service and therefore notoriously erroneous for the perception of an average User.

11. Prerequisites, identification, visas, health, safety and fees

In no case, will Tripkay be responsible for the compliance by the User with the necessary requirements for the enjoyment of the accommodation booked through the platform. It is the responsibility of the User to check the requirements for entry into the country where the accommodation is located (visa, health certificate, bank certificate proving solvency, insurance for a minimum duration, equal to the stay period, etc.) Documentation requirements may also vary depending on the nationality of the traveler.

It will be the responsibility of the User to also consult the possible vaccines recommended to visit the destination chosen as well as attend to the health and hygiene precautions that must be adopted or hazards that can be met at the destination.

Likewise, Tripkay is not responsible and does not guarantee, in any way, the security of the User in its destinations in relation to socio-political and/or warlike situations, which you can check before your reservation through reliable sources such as http: //www.exteriores.gob.es/.

In some destinations, it will be necessary to show an original identity document on arrival at the accommodation, and the manager can make a copy at that time. The housing manager shall have the right to refuse the entry to a User who is not identified.

Likewise, in some destinations, the property manager may collect from the User the tourist tax per night imposed by the Administration of the territory in which the housing for tourist use is located. Such a rate will be included in the description of the property. The housing manager shall have the right to refuse entry to a User who does not pay it.

12. Minors

When making a reservation on the Tripkay website, the User can indicate the number of adults and children that are included in it, thus adapting the offer to the space needs and beds of all members of the reservation. The availability of cribs or protective barriers will be included in the descriptive text of the property or the User will have to consult directly with the property manager.

The reservation that includes minors must be formalized by their legal representatives, and under no circumstances may they be accommodated alone. The manager of the property will have the right to deny entry to minor Users who intend to stay without the accompaniment of an adult.

13. Cancellation insurance

Users are advised of the possibility of signing a cancellation insurance in order to recover the amount of their reservations or cancellation expenses if the circumstances described in the insurance policies are exceeded, preventing them from enjoying the accommodation.

14. Intellectual and industrial property

All contents of the Tripkay web site and platform, including contents, trademarks, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, images and software, as well as the selection, compilation, ordering, programming, design and assembly of all the web site and platform content are owned by Tripkay and its technology partners and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property standards.

Any use of the content or photographs of the website and the platform, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exhibition or total or partial representation of the same without the express consent of Tripkay or its technological partners is strictly forbidden.

15. Blog, comments and opinions

In case Tripkay enables a public webmail box in which the User can express his/her comments and opinions, the latter undertakes not to input illegal, false, insulting, racist, xenophobic contents that violate current legislation in areas such as intellectual or industrial property and any others that go against public order, moral and good faith. Tripkay reserves the right to delete contents without prior notice in case of non-compliance.

The User may only publish their opinion on Tripkay once a reservation has been formalized. Tripkay reserves the right to publish and modify it. In any case, Tripkay is not responsible for the opinions expressed on its website, which are the responsibility of the authors.

16. Nullity or ineffectiveness of clauses

Should any clause included in these general conditions be declared totally or partially null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will only affect that provision or the part thereof that is null or ineffective, with the general conditions remaining valid.

In this case, the clause that does not take effect will be replaced by a new one according to the current legality, with a wording and a spirit as close as possible to the clause that would have become inapplicable.

17. Right of withdrawal

On the basis of Article 16 of Directive 2011/83 of the European Union on Consumer Rights, the right of withdrawal does not apply to accommodation contracts stipulating duration, as is the case of Tripkay.

18. Privacy Policy and Data Protection

The User will be requested the minimum personal data required by the providers for guest accommodation.

According to the criteria established in Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) or regulations that replace it, in order to be able to render its services correctly, Tripkay needs the authorization of the User In relation to the processing of their personal data.

By accepting this Privacy and Data Protection Policy, the User certifies that he/she understands and accept the possibility that Tripkay, solely for the purposes described below, accesses, for its management, review and analysis, data communications that, through the web, platform, email or phone of Tripkay, the Users perform.

The main purpose of the processing of personal data is the management and correct fulfillment of the contracts between the User, the managers of the properties (or third parties that sell accommodation) and Tripkay.

We may also use your data to provide you with information about products and services that may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to use the data to send you commercial information, please check this box □

In accordance with the provisions of the LOPD, the User should understand that the personal data provided by the User or that is provided in the future to Tripkay will be stored in a personal data file called CLIENTES, duly registered in the Registry of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection and whose title holds Tripkay. The User may at any time exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by writing or heading to the registered office of Tripkay or contacting us by e-mail at info@tripkay.com.

The processing of your data will always be carried out under the strictest systems and security measures within the reach of Tripkay indicated in the Royal Decree 1720/2007 by which it approves the Regulation of development of the Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Data Of Personal Character.

Transmission of Personal Data

The personal data provided is transmitted to the suppliers, who must use them for the sole purpose of fulfilling the contract. The data collected will be stored and can be transferred in an encrypted form outside the European Union to any of the providers. By providing us with his/her personal data, the User accepts this transfer should it occur.

The data of the User will not be communicated to third parties, except in the following cases:

Once the User has given his/her consent for the processing of his/her data, for the provision of services performed by third parties, including payment processing, data analysis and design of new tourist services, Tripkay will only send the User's personal information to the providers of the accommodation contracted by the User.

If we are obliged to disclose or share the User's personal data in order to comply with any legal, administrative or judicial obligation, or to protect the rights, property or security of Tripkay or our clients.

If Tripkay is acquired by a third party, in which case the personal data of its customers will be one of the assets transferred.

Any changes to our data protection policy will be posted on this page and you will be notified by email. Tripkay reserves the right to unilaterally modify this privacy policy, without prior notice. However, if substantial changes are made, the existence of such modification will be communicated to the User by email. If Tripkay does not receive opposition by the User, within the time limits established by law, it will understand the tacit consent to the new Policy by the User.

19. Cookies

According to the provisions of Law 34/2002 on E-commerce, this website uses cookies. A cookie is a very small text file that can be saved on a computer's hard drive to store some information about the User and can only be read by the website that has issued the cookie. In no case will cookies be executable files and contain viruses. Tripkay uses cookies for the sole purpose of obtaining information about how Users navigate the web pages of the Tripkay universe. In this way Tripkay will be able to improve the services offered to its Users.

The information provided by cookies is valuable as it helps us to improve the service we offer our Users. However, whilst we appreciate that the User accepts cookies from our website, we would like to remind the User that he/she can configure his/her browser to accept them or not, or set the browser to notify him/her when a server wants to save one of the cookies. To perform this configuration:

Microsoft Internet Explorer, from the View menu, select Internet Options and access Advanced Options.

Firefox, in the Tools menu, select Page Information, Permissions, Set Cookies.

Opera, in the Settings menu, select Options, Advanced tab, Cookies.

In a case where  the User uses another browser, it will be necessary to consult the user manual of the same. Google has also developed a browser plug-in that disables sending data to the Google Analytics tool and can be downloaded here.

In particular, the cookies on the Tripkay website are:

Own Cookies:

apartments_session: Functional cookie utilized to store the last queries or favorite apartments and to consult these options in the main menu of the web site. (Without this cookie, these menu options would not be operative).

Third Party Cookies:

The cookies we use from Google Analytics are called _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt and utmz and their function is as follows:

First name: _utma

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Expiration: Six months from the configuration or update.


The Tripkay platform does not use cookies that are installed on devices from which the User accesses instant messaging services through which reservations are made.


This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., a Delaware company headquartered at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States ("Google").

Google Analytics uses cookies to help Tripkay analyze the use of the website by the Users of the website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be directly transmitted and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

In the event of an IP anonymity activation on this web page, the User's IP address will be shortened through Google in the event that it is in a member country of the European Union or other countries that are signatories of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will your full IP be transferred to Google in the United States and abbreviated there. The action of anonymizing the IP is activated in this web.

Google will use this information on behalf of Tripkay for the purpose of analyzing the use of the web, compiling reports of the activity and providing other services related to Internet traffic and use. Google may transfer such information to third parties when required by law, or when such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data it may possess.

The Tripkay User may refuse the processing of the data by preventing the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate configuration of their browser. However, the User is informed that if he does this, certain functionality of the site may be lost. You may also reject the use of cookies and the use of data related to the site (including your IP address) with Google as well as preventing the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing a plug-in in the following link .

By using this website and accepting the Cookies Policy, the User consents to the processing of his information by Google in the manner and for the purposes indicated above.


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If the User does not want to authorize this transmission of data, he must sign out of his Facebook account before visiting our website.

The specifics of the data collection by Facebook, as well as the subsequent processing and use of this data and the rights and possible settings for privacy protection in Facebook data protection notices can be found here http://de.facebook.com/privacy/explanation.php

20. Contact

You can communicate with Tripkay through the following channels:

- Web form.

- Email: bookings@tripkay.com

- Telephone: -------- (from M-F from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

21. Conflict resolution

Any suggestion, disagreement or complaint by the User regarding the services provided by Tripkay will be communicated in good faith to the platform as soon as possible so that it can manage the incident or rectify any error as soon as possible, through any of the channels indicated in the previous section.

Tripkay will mediate between the owner of the property and the User to facilitate the resolution of any incident. In the event that Tripkay cannot solve an incident, you can cancel the reservation and we will propose an alternative accommodation of similar quality, price and features. If the alternative accommodation is not accepted by the client, only the amount paid as an advance payment will be refunded, provided that the client has complied with the client's obligations detailed in these conditions, in the following cases:

1. If the accommodation cannot be occupied because of an overbooking, and the client has not been offered an alternative accommodation that is accepted by him.

2. When the accommodation does not comply with the equipment or detailed features in its description provided that the customer has notified the User within a maximum of 24 hours after the entry and we have not been able to offer accommodation that does comply with it.

3. In the case that the accommodation is not habitable due to an emergency, natural disaster or force majeure, provided that the client notifies Tripkay within  24h from the emergency occurring and no alternative accommodation was found.

Tripkay is not a real estate agent, nor a travel agency, nor a bed bank, but a platform in which different intermediaries and managers of tourist accommodation can upload their offer and the users accede to it. This implies that Tripkay does not, in any case, provide the accommodation services nor is it subject to the legal obligations that fall on the professionals listed. For this reason, in no case will it be applicable to the regulation that they must comply with.

Any request, notification or claim made by the User to Tripkay should be sent to the following address: bookings@Tripkay.com or to its registered office, which also has claim forms.

22. Legislation and Jurisdiction

The conditions set forth herein shall be subject to and construed in accordance with Spanish law. In case of conflict the courts of Tarragona will be addressed, without prejudice to the jurisdiction that may correspond to the User.

23. Modification of the Conditions: particularities of this service

These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time without prior notice, it being necessary for the User to act with the diligence of reviewing them again before accepting them before each new formal booking through Tripkay. However, the modifications will not apply to reservations already made.