The Essentials tourist spots of Jávea

There are many natural charms that Jávea offers, due to its location in the foothills of the Montgó, and the landscapes of its coast and its beaches are spectacular. Also, it has a rich historical heritage. This is the list of the unmissable places in Jávea for a perfect trip.

Essentials visits in Jávea



Discover the Beaches of Jávea

There are so many and so beautiful beaches that you will not know which to go first. If yours is to soak up the sun and have fun on the beach, playing sports, eating in a restaurant, etc … you have to go to Playa Arenal, Jávea’s most famous for being in the center and providing all kinds of services; if you like being in a wild place but with minimum of services we recommend you CalaGranadella, and if what you like is being away from the world, we recommend CalaSardinera, one of the most secluded coves which can only be reached on foot through a pine forest. All of them are essential spots in Jávea, whatever your choice, you will not disappoint yourself, because Jávea has a beautiful natural landsCabo and the color of the water is impressive.


Old Town of Jávea

The old town of Jávea is 2 km from the coast because of the constant attacks by pirates and corsairs in the sixteenth century. Today it is one of most visited areas in the city, with a charming walled enclosure, a maze of cobbled streets with houses and palaces of the past, where you can quickly see the great inherited cultural legacy of the passage of different civilizations over the centuries. Some of the most representative buildings are Iglesia de San Bartolomé, Mercado Municipal de Abastos, or the MuseoHistórico y Etnológico..

Ruta de los Miradores

One of the essentials tourist activities of Jávea is at the Ruta de losMiradores which you will not find elsewhere. Throughout its 25 km of coastline are 15 magnificent viewpoints from which to contemplate the beauty of the natural environment, hidden coves and wild cliffs lapped by intense blue waters and is strategically located. The route is well signposted and viewpoints have indicators which will give you information about the area.

Kayak tour

In Jávea you can make fantastic kayaking tours . There are many companies like Siesta Advisor or Antias de Jávea that makes fantastic kayaking tours through the coast of Jávea from CalaGranadella to Cap de la Nau. Browse the cliffs, caves and snorkeling is, without doubt, a fun and great way to spend the day and do sports.


Parque Natural Montó

Nature lovers cannot leave without visiting Parque Natural Montgó. A magnificent mountain of 750 m high overlooking the towns of Denia, Jávea and all this stretch of coastline. The park has several routes to discover this privileged environment such as: La ruta al Racó del Bou, la Ruta a la Cova de L’aigua, la Ruta a la Cova del Camell y la Ruta a la Cima del Montó. You should wear good shoes and bring water to stay well hydrated and avoid touring in a very hot day.


Nao Lighthouse

In Jávea we find one of the best viewpoints of the Costa Levantina, the Faro Nao. From there you can contemplate spectacular views of the Bay of Jávea, cliffs, coves and the endless sea where on clear days you can get to see the island of Ibiza. You can make a lovely walk around enjoying the breeze, the smell of the sea and vegetation typical of Mediterranean herbs. The lighthouse has easy access, parking and a good restaurant.


The Windmills

In the Cabo de San Antonio between Denia and Jávea, there is a beautiful set of eleven mills dating back to the fourteenth century. Strategically placed to harness the winds of Levante, these windmills are cylindrical and 7 meters high, they played a role in grinding wheat for centuries. If you love photography it is a good place to take the camera and enjoy the scenery.


Catamaran Sailing

Perform a 3-hour tour on catamaran along the coast of Jávea with Mundo Marino. Browsing these shores is a beautiful way to spend the day with family enjoying the sun and sea. The crew during the journey offers drinks, barbecue and food. If you don’t get dizzy, it is a fantastic way to spend a vacation day.

Diving in Jávea

Jávea offers us many dive sites where you can enjoy one of the spectacular and well preserved Mediterranean seabed. Some of the best places for diving are the ones next to Cabo San Martin and Cabo San Antonio where you can find everything from octopus, barracudas, doradas or meros. Many companies organize trips that take you to discover the best places on these shores for diving. If you like this sport, it will certainly be one of your main activities in Jávea.


Family bike routes

If you travel with your family, this is an ideal excursion for its little difficulty and level ground. Departing from the Port of Jávea you can head to the south in direction to Cala Blanca. You can enjoy some spectacular views of the Bay of Jávea, through quarries from the Middle Ages, as well as Roman remains. A fun way to spend the day with your family in the countryside, playing sports and learning about the history of this beautiful town.