Facing the Paraje Natural de las Islas Medas and protected by Macizo de Montgrí we find a place of incomparable beauty, l'Estartit is the perfect place to enjoy.

Estartit is a population center located on the coast in the municipality of Torroella de Montgri that extends kilometers inland, just 45km from Girona. The origin of this population dates back to the 17thcentury when it transpires that fishermen settled in this area to take advantage of their privileged grounds, and gradually grew into a fishing village. Estartit currently has fewer than 3,000 inhabitants living mainly from tourism.


L'Estartit panoramic view


L'Estartit-marinaThis is a very small population, so the Plaza de la Vila is its nerve center, there is the Church of Santa Ana and from there, a pedestrian street which is a shopping area, ideal for a stroll in the evenings. If we are more interested in culture and history, just minutes’ drive there is the medieval town of Torroella, where apart of the village you can also visit the Castillo de Montgriof the 13thcentury or the church of Santa Maria.




The main attractions of this city are its almost 9km of rocky coast that hides beautiful coves of typical crystal clear waters of the Costa Brava and its 5km of fine and shallow sandy beaches, among which are the CalaMontgó, CalaFerriol and Playa grande de L’Estartit which is divided into three more beaches.
Not forgetting of course the Archipiélago de la Reserva Marina de las Islas Medas, located just 1 km off the coast and is part of the Natural Park of Montgrí, les illes Medes and Baix Ter.

As a good tourist destination, l’Estartitoffers a host of water sports: boat rental, water skiing, fishing, boat trips for the whole family, kayaking, diving, sailing, snorkeling or all the latest trends in water sports such as flyfishing, flyboarding, paddle surfing, etc.




And for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, there are many routes starting from l’Estartit to walk or bike, just 5 minutes from the town, covering the Massif de Montgri. Some tours start with the ascent of this mountain to enter deep into the area. However, there are much easier routes thatsurround the coast and cross the natural park of Montgrí.

Being a small town, L’Estartit has a perfect infrastructure to host thousands of tourists every summer who choose it as their holiday destination.