Vejer de la Frontera

A historical and peaceful village located in the heart of the Costa de la Luz, Vejer de la Frontera is a magical place and one of our favorite tourist spots in Cadiz.


An idyllic Andalusian white village perched on a hill 200m above sea level, a stone’s throw from some of the most beautiful beaches in the Atlántico gaditano. Vejer de la Frontera is located just 54km from Cadiz and just 6km from the coast.
Located in a natural environment of great beauty, this place will make your trip a real pleasure for the senses.



Vejer de la Frontera panoramic view


The strategic location of the place, dominating a wide area, including much of the coast, made this Cadiz municipality have a strong defensive character for centuries, with a strongly walled enclosure, flanked by three towers and four gateways.Vejer belongs to the most beautiful network of white villages in Spain. The neighbors of Vejer de la Frontera boast of having one of the most genuine old towns in the province, with a maze of narrow streets and endless white houses that seem to rush along the cliffs of the rugged geography. The old wall consists in four gates wich are: Arch of La Segur, Arch of Sancho IV, Arco de la Villa and Arco de la Puerta Cerrada which include the Divine Salvador Church, Mayorazgo House, the of Castle Vejer and Convent of the Franciscan nuns.


Panoramic view Vejer-de-la-Frontera-Castle

Vejer de la Frontera Castle



Cobijada in Vejer de la Frontera


Before visiting the municipality, you must take into account the slope of the old town. Because of the narrowness of the streets, it is best to park your car at the entrance of the village and get around on foot. We recommend bringing comfortable walking shoes and taking a deep breath in order to climb those steep steps of the streets that lead us to the Castillo de Vejer. The old town was declared Conjunto Histórico Artístico in 1976.


Narrow streets in Vejer-de-la-Frontera,-Andalucia

Vejer de la Frontera streets


Its tortuous course invites us to wander through its narrow streets, filled with flowers everywhere, watching the beautiful Andalusian gardens and enjoying the wonderful scenery that surrounds the place. You can sit down for a drink in Plaza de España, known as Plaza del “pescaíto”, visit Iglesia del Divino Salvador, enjoy a good wine and tapa in the Market or tour Barrio Judío and reach Castillo de Vejer.



Plaza de España


In such a small town, it highlights a wide and varied cuisine to visitors. From delicious steaks, to magnificent fish of the Atlantic coast, one cannot forget the rich cuisine of Andalusian origin which is of great importance here. We recommend Jardín del Califa restaurant, located in Plaza of España, featuring a beautiful courtyard where they serve delicious Arabic food. A magical and romantic place in the heart of Vejer.


beautifull restaurante El Califa in Vejer de la Frontera

El Califa Restaurant


You cannot leave Vejer without visiting Playa del Palmar. Located just 12km from the town center, it is one of the last untouched remnants of the Cadiz coast. A very long and wild sand tongue of 8km long that is completely free of buildings, it will make you fall in love due to its quiet, family-friendly atmosphere, with plenty of bars on the sand and surf schools. At sunset, the beach offers one of the best sunsets of Cadiz. A magical place to enjoy.


El Palmar beach in Vejer

El Palmar beach



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