Benalmádena, a friendly city open to the sea, where having a good time is really simple. It is not only one of the most beautiful and most popular destinations of the Costa del Sol, but also a friendly city to visit which surprises the visitors with all it has to offer, from its wonderful harbor to its monuments, its charismatic and typically Andalusian old town, its fine cuisine, its festivals and its unique spots; all accompanied by a typically pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Benalmadena is a municipality of the province of Málaga consisting of three main urban areas; Benalmadena Pueblo, Benalmadena Costa and Arroyo de la Miel. The city of Malaga is about 12 km to the west with Marbella 42 km to the East.


Beautifull Benalmadena marina photo collage


Undoubtedly, one of the most emblematic tourist spots of Benalmádena, through which all tourists visiting the Costa del Sol pass by, is the Puerto la Marina de Benalmádena. This is a beautiful place. Since its inauguration in 1979, has not stopped collecting awards and accolades around the world. All thanks to its beauty and groundbreaking, innovative design.

Restaurants and terrasses in Marina-Benalmadena-in-Costa-del-Sol


🏰 Guided tour of Colomares Castle, for only €9, you’ll discover all the secrets and symbolism of this monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and the New World.
🐬 Dolphin watching in Benalmádena. Onboard a catamaran along the Costa del Sol, you’ll live an experience that will captivate you!
Rent a boat without a license: No titles are needed, just a desire for adventure and to explore the beautiful corners of this area of the coast at your own pace.


The large marina has been a leader in water sports. Since many activities such as fishing, hiking and others can be performed. The port is also the center of entertainment in Benalmádena. It features numerous restaurants, bars, terraces and all kinds of stores and shopping centers. Each year attract more than 7 million tourists. It is in the evenings, after the sun sets, when the port shines the most and local bars and nightclubs get full of people that want to enjoy the night on the Costa del Sol in a fabulous atmosphere.




Another remarkable tourist spot of the city is the old town, situated at 300m high on top of a hill. Here, the best option is to let yourself go and wander aimlessly through its streets enjoying the tranquility and peace that permeates this place. Their houses are painted in a pristine white, where the vivid color of the flowers decorating the balconies stands out. In the center of the old town, there is a pretty church and a beautiful vantage point from which to contemplate an incredible panoramic view of the Costa del Sol.


Photo collage Streets Benalmadena Old town, Costa del Sol



Tips on Accommodation in Benalmádena

💡 Try to book your accommodation in advance!
👉 Area: It depends on the time of year. We definitely recommend staying somewhere by the sea in Benalmádena Costa

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Benalmadena beaches

Besides all its attractive spots, undoubtedly the main factor that makes Benalmádena a tourist choice are its 20 kilometers of coastline. It features 12 beaches of all kinds, but generally of fine sand, which range from very crowded to isolated beaches. In virtually all of them, you will find all the necessary services to spend a fantastic beach holiday.


The beaches are located in 3 of the 4 villages. As Benalmádena town is located in the inner area, so the beaches are shared between the cores of Arroyo de Miel, Benalmádena Costa and Puerto Marina. Among them, we recommend visiting Playa de Bil Bil, wich features the beautiful Bil Bil Castle in the background.  Playa de Santa Ana, bordered by the promenade, the beach of Melilleros featuring its famous wave, loved by surfers, which arrives everyday at dusk, the Playa del Tajo de la Soga and Viborilla beach for nudists.


Bil Bil beach Benalmadena


Curious places to visit in Benalmádena

Benalmádena is full of curiosities. One of them is the Estupa de la Iluminación.  The largest Buddhist temple in the West was built in 2003 as a monument to peace, prosperity and harmony in the world. It is an ideal place to relax and meditate. It has a height of 33m and a nice view to the city. Thre is a butterfly garden next to it.


Another curiosity of this place is Castillo de Colomares, a modern building built by a surgeon who was in love with the architecture and history of this place and devoted all his efforts and money to build this unique castle. It is dedicated to Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America. It’s a nice visit due to its originality and it’s a good option to see the beautiful gardens surrounding it.


If you’d like to enjoy exceptional views, you just have to go to the Tivoli Fair.  Buy some tickets for the cable car, and from there, you will enjoy spectacular views of the Costa del Sol. In addition to equestrian shows and birds of prey training. This is definitely a worthwhile experience.




Tips para alquilar un coche

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Benalmadena Butterfly Garden: A Tropical Oasis on the Costa del Sol

The Benalmadena Butterfly Garden, located on the Costa del Sol, is a unique tropical oasis in Europe. It is home to more than 1,500 butterflies of more than 150 different species, coming from tropical areas around the world. The Benalmadena Butterfly Farm is also home to other animal species, such as red-footed tortoises, wallabies, and exotic birds. In addition, it offers different activities for visitors, such as educational workshops, guided tours, and special events.


mariposario de benalmadena Benalmadena Butterfly Garden

A spectacle of colours and movement:

As you enter the butterfly garden, you will be amazed by a magical atmosphere full of colors and movement. Butterflies flutter freely among waterfalls, exotic flowers, and tropical plants, creating an unforgettable experience for all ages.

An educational and fascinating trip, ideal for families:

The butterfly farm is an ideal place for families with children. In addition to the natural beauty, the Benalmadena Butterfly Farm offers

Don’t miss this funny video of Benalmádena based on a famous James Bond film.:

Dolphin watching, entrance fees and excursions from Benalmádena:




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