Costa de Azahar

Discover a coast full of contrasts, historic towns, kilometers of beaches and coves, and dozens of hidden treasures that awaits you, coupled with diverse and natural interiors that will not leave you indifferent.

The Costa Azahar is the northernmost region of the Valencia region in the province of Castellón. It is a popular destination chosen by holiday tourists for its wide leisure and cultural offers. With more than 130 km of coastline including sandy beaches and calm waters which hide long beaches boarded by boardwalks, and small and beautiful hidden coves, the beauty of its villages, its great cultural and historical heritage and natural parks has become a prime tourist destination.


Alcossebre panorac view in Castellon

Alcossebre panoramic view


The name of this coast comes from the orange blossom, which is the quintessential flower cultivation of these lands; the orange tree. It has 16 coastal villages of great beauty and rich history stretching from the Delta del Ebro to Vall d’Uxó, Benicarló, Peñíscola Alcocéber, Benicassim and Castellón de la Plana.

The Costa de Azahar has a very enviable typical climate of the Spanish Levante area. The average year temperature is around 18 degrees with mild winters where temperatures rarely dip below 14 degrees, and hot summers with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees. Something that is really beautiful, is the clear blue sky that can be seen in these lands for more than 300 days a year. All these make this region a destination in high demand both in winter and summer.


Peñiscola Castle in Castellon

Peñiscola Castle


Castellón has historically been a transit region for many civilizations that have left throughout the centuries a cultural and historical heritage of great wealth. Costa de Azahar visitors can enjoy many monuments and castles, among which are the fantastic and impressive Papa Luna Castle, high above the historic walled town of Peñíscola, which occupies an important place in history for having been one of the three papal headquarters of history.  Also, there are interesting museums and many traditional festivals.

Its extensive mountain formation offers many areas to visit, with natural areas such as Parque Natural de la Sierra de Irta, Prat de Cabanes, el desierto de Palmas and Reserva Natural de Colombretas, a series of islands that form one of the most important and protected areas of Valencia situated 56km from the coast and a paradise for scuba divers worldwide.



Columbretas islands


And we cannot forget its rich and varied cuisine where recipes of rice, vegetables, fish and seafood dominate the areas of the coast, such as arroz a banda, el arroz caldoso o el arroz negro, and a much more traditional and caloric cuisine as we move a little to the inside or the more mountainous areas, where pork meat and sausages prepared during slaughter is its flagship product.
The Costa de Azahar is a perfect destination to spend a fun and relaxing holiday, in a group or family, there is a perfect place for all to enjoy its beaches, ancient towns and their history, beautiful landscapes and tasty food.

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