Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar is located in the province of Almería just 18km from the capital, and is a city with lots of history and a fishing tradition that welcomes with open arms thousands of tourists every year who want to enjoy its amazing climate, its pristine beaches, good food and a wide range of leisure and entertainment.


roquetas de mar castle

Beaches and nature in Roquetas de Mar

One of the first things that will catch your attention will be the 8.800m of incredible pristine beaches such as Aguadulce, Romanilla or La Bajadilla. Today, the beaches of Roquetas de Mar hold 6 blue flags waving proudly and the Q of quality, so they are the ideal place to visit with your family, friends or simply just to disconnect from the world, sunbathing and breathing the relaxing sea breeze. If you are looking for cool activities, you will find endless possibilities as you can do water sports, scuba diving, canoeing, and much more.




In Paraje Natural Punta Entinas-Sabinaryou can spend a fantastic day between pristine beaches, walking among nature on one of its routes, go bird watching or playsports, or you can jog or ride your bike while watching one of the best dune landscapes preserved of the Peninsula.

Roquetas de Mar old town

After a day of activities and beach, nothing better than walking at dusk through the narrow streets of the old town where you will find Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario from the 17thcentury, Castillo de Santa Ana y la Torre Vigía de Cerrillos from the Arab times. Then you can eatsome typical tapas with a good wine in any of its bars and terraces, go shopping or stroll along the promenade, the marina and fishing port, where you will spot the boats loaded with fish and seafood of the highest quality.




Discover Roquetas de Mar and its history After a day of activities and the beach, there is nothing better than strolling at dusk through the narrow streets of the old town where you will find the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, from the 17th century, the Castle of Santa Ana and the Torre Vigía de Cerrillos, Arab season. Afterwards we can take some tapas with a good wine in any of its bars and terraces, go shopping or stroll along the promenade or the marina and the fishing, where you will see the boats arrive with the fish and seafood that you can then eat very fresh In one of the many restaurants of the population.




Shopping and nightlife in Roquetas de Mar

If you are keen on shopping, in Roquetasyou will also find the Gran Plaza mall, or if you prefer the fun, noise and color of an outdoor market, visit the street market every Thursday in front of the TeatroAuditorio. In Mercado de Abastos de Roquetas you’ll find food, meat and fresh fish, so if you like to cook or live a day like a typical inhabitant ofAlmería, then don’t hesitate!

In summer Ayuntamiento de Roquetas de Mar usually organizes many activities such as concerts, outdoor cinema, exhibitions, a market of arts and antiques on the first Sunday of each month or the fantastic Medieval Market which is organized around the Castillo de Santa Ana in mid-August, which is visited every year by more than one hundred artisans from all over Spain. Here you can enjoy a magical atmosphere, to see how some materials such as iron, leather and wood are hand worked, you’ll smell spices, try organic food, buy fabrics, eat in its taverns, drink tea in a tent, in short: you willtravel to the Middle ages for a few days. If you are in Roquetas in August, you cannot miss all of this fun!
Night owls or those with continuous energy will also enjoy the night if they are still wanting more. In Roquetasthere is a lively nightlife with music bars, flamenco bars or nightclubs where you can dance until dawn.


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