The Costa del Sol covers the entire coastline of the province of Malaga, and is the coast that is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain, receiving millions of tourists every year who know they will find the perfect holiday destination due to its amazing warm weather with over 300 days of sun, 180 kilometers of coastline with amazing beaches to enjoy the sea and all kinds of water sports.


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What to see and do in Costa de Sol

There is so much to see and do on the Costa del Sol that it is difficult to do a list, but apart from enjoying its beautiful beaches, this coast hides many treasures, the Costa del Sol has great cultural and historical heritage, so those who would like to know more of it have many options, like visiting museums such as Casa Natal de Pablo Picasso or Museo Thyssen, shopping, visiting amazing heritage monuments of the different cultures that have left their mark here like the Romans, or Muslims, a sample of them is the Alcazaba de Malaga, or the many other churches, some built at the time of the Christian reconquest.

A fantastic trip is the visit to the Caves of Nerja, with great geological value and great beauty. Active tourism in the Costa del Sol is another of its wonders, here there are about 100 kilometers of coastline that you can walk on.


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Eating and drinking in Costa del Sol

For locals and Andalusians food and drink are very important, as in family or friend meetings, everything revolves always around a glass of wine or a good meal. The maritime tradition has a great influence on its cuisine, it is a Mediterranean diet where all kinds of fish and vegetables blend together, its most representative dishes are fried fish, gazpacho, tapas, kebabs, which are a kind of brochettes of sardines cooked to the fire in beach bars, crumbs, baton, white garlic, the ubiquitous ham and a long list of delicious recipes that will really make lovers of dining experiences enjoy.

Malaga wines, especially their fine ones, have international recognition, so we should not stop trying them. The Costa del Sol receives millions of tourists from all over the world, so you will find a very large range of restaurants for all types and all budgets, from traditional to international cuisine, oriental, etc.


There is no time for boredom on the Costa del Sol, you can practice such as ballooning, rafting, horseback riding, quad biking, 4x4 , mountain biking, and of course all kinds of activities related to the sea, diving, kayaking, sailing and some other activities. As well as its rich gastronomy, historical and cultural heritage and, of course, its open and friendly people that welcome tourists with open arms.


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What to do with children in Costa del sol

If you decide to travel with children to the Costa del Sol they will love it, since apart from its beautiful beaches where children spend hours enjoying the sand and the sea, sailing or doing some small sightseeing, they will find several leisure parks and different activities to spend a morning, an afternoon or a whole family fun day. Some of the options are Bioparc de Fuenjirola, the Orchidarium de Estepona, the huge ferris wheel 72m height of Malaga, Aventura Amazonia de Marbella, where children can spend an incredible day in nature, Selwo Adventure zoo, and another nice option is to see a horse show as the Cartujano de Mijas.

We may also get into Reservatauro de Ronda, a nature reserve, or spend a day soaking in Aquavelis Velez or Water Park Mijas, a very good choice for hot summer days. No doubt, family trips to the Costa del Sol will not disappoint.


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How to get to Costa del Sol

The province of Malaga has an excellent location and is very easy to get here by land, sea or air. In Malaga you will find a very modern international airport and the city of Malaga can be reached by AVE, the high speed train connecting the Costa del Sol in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and other cities in Andalusia. The Costa del Sol also features good highways and expressways that will allow you to reach every corner of this coast. There are also many companies of city and intercity buses that connect the coastal towns or the city of Malaga with all of them.


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