Sant Antoni de Portmany is located west of the island and is the second most populous city after Ibiza, besides being one of the main tourist Pitiusas destinations. Its fantastic bay opposite the island of Sa Conillera hides every day the sun tinting the sea in an intense orange and creating one of the best sunsets on the island


It is located only 15 km from Ibiza and has a wonderful harbor that concentrates most of the hotels and holiday apartments Ibiza, which make it the most tourist town of the island and a very lively area during the summer months.


Every year thousands of tourists tread through this town in search of sun, sand and fun. Over the years, this place has grown from a small fishing village and farm workers, to being a tourist destination known worldwide




Located in the Paseo de Ses Fonts near the port we find the monument to the discovery of America popularly called “The Egg of Columbus”, today become a symbol of the municipality. It is not lost on anyone, because it is an egg 6 meters high that holds inside a replica of the Santa Maria Caravel is situated In the middle of San Antonio’s main round about, also is a tribute to a Crhistopher Columbus ledgend describing the cunning way he convinced potential financers to back his voyage to the Indies




In San Antoni, life revolves around Passeig de Ses Fonts, located just steps from the promenade, with many shops, restaurants, and terraces where we also find the town hall and the tourist office. From the promenade runs a network of streets and alleys full of life, terraces, restaurants and all kinds of stores, which in summer becomes a bustling, lively place. Along the promenade, we find the harbor, every day countless tourist boats departing to discover the shoresof beautiful places like Cala Bassa or Cala Compte.


Fountains in Promenade Ses Fonts in Sant Antoni


The leisure and entertainment in San Antoni is huge, whether you come with your family or if you come with friends to have fun. Lovers of adrenaline can take parasailing trips, jet ski adventures or other water sports.There are plenty of tourist companies dedicated to diving or motor boating trips and jeep excursions to explore other beaches in the area. From there we can also enjoy the wonderful views of the bay.


Port Of Ibiza in Sant Antoni


One of the great attractions of this area of Ibiza are its sunsets.The city boasts decades to have the best sunset on the island and one of the best in the world, which for many years has attracted thousands of young people every evening to the Sunset Strip. Here we find one of the symbols of the island, the famous Café del Mar that remains a classic in the sunset strip.But in recent years it has been complemented by elegant neighbors such as Cafe Mambo, Savannah, Mint and Golden Buddha who complete the route of bars along the promenade until Caló des Moro.


Sunset in Sant Antoni Abad


San Antoni is also known for its large number of clubs and macro discos and its lively night spots like West End. In this area the bars and pubs have a wide selection and during the summer the streets are filled with young Englishmen wanting to party. So, if you come here to rest or bewith your family, it is better to find another place to stay. Clubs like Eden, Ibiza Rocks Hotes, Kumharas, Amnesia or the legendary Café del Mar beach club have been bringing electronic music worldwide and bearing the name of San Antoni all over the world.





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