Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is one of the most relevant tourist attractions in Spain. It is not surprising that every year it receives more than 10 million tourists from around the world, attracted by its exceptional climate with over 300 days of sunshine per year, wonderful beaches, exquisite cuisine, and a vast historical heritage and culture.

The Mediterranean waters splash onto 14 large municipalities of the Andalusian Coast offering tourist attractions for everyone, from families with children, nature lovers, shopping fans, young people looking for fun and lovers of tourism and fine dining.


Alameda park and port panoramic view in Malaga city

Malaga city


Its capital is Málaga, famous for its beaches, historical monuments and for being the city that gave birth to Pablo Picasso. What most people don’t know is that Málaga has the 5th most expensive street of Spain and 29 museums, a spectacular harbor to which more than 700,000 cruise passengers arrive each year and an old town with over 3,000 years of history. You will be captivated by the cheerful character and sympathy of the malagueños; you will enjoy the fried “pescaíto” (fish) in a seaside neighborhood and will walk through one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe.



Larios-street, Málaga


Malaga city panoramic view and Cathedral

Malaga city


Here you will find the best offer of hotels on the Costa del Sol:


Further to the west, you cannot miss paying a visit to the popular Centro Vacacional de Benalmádena that, besides its popular beaches, features one of the most beautiful and important marinas in Europe which features several terraces, restaurants, nightlife spots and even an aquarium. You can take the cable car and enjoy one of the most impressive views of Costa del Sol.





One of the most beautiful and charismatic places of the Costa del Sol


Very close to Benalmádena, just 30 km from Málaga, is the city of Mijas, which is one of the treasures of the Costa del Sol. Nestled between the mountains and the coast, it seems time is frozen in this picturesque village. You will fall in love with its old town, narrow streets and whitewashed houses surrounded by a colorful mosaic of carnations hanging from the balconies. Gosh! How beautiful is this city. For risk lovers out there, here you can take an exciting and hilarious Burro Taxi ride.

Other significant tourist sites in the area are Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Nerja and Estepona. All of them are beautiful towns where you can truly discover the essence of Andalucía.


Narrow streets in Mijas



Finally, the most wonderful of all these cities: Marbella! A worldwide famous Spanish brand, which is immediately related to luxury, fun, glamour and exclusivity. Its beaches, luxury estates and the famous Puerto Banús, have crossed borders in recent decades. For more than 40 years, many celebrities and important people have chosen Marbella as a residence or as a vacation spot. Singers, politicians, Arab sheiks and even presidents … they all have helped Marbella to achieve its enormous popularity.


Marina Marbella,-Malaga



Its more than 300 km of coast from Nerja to Gibraltar house some of the best beaches on the peninsula. From the great sandbanks of Torremolinos, through the luxurious beaches of Marbella, to the cliffs and unspoiled coves of Nerja, the range of possibilities regarding beaches of the Costa del Sol is enormous.





We cannot forget to mention the inner landscape, with more than 15 protected areas which serve as natural reserves or natural monuments; places that run from the depths of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the mountains, magical forests and rivers where it’s still  possible to spot foxes, golden eagles and mountain goats.


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Practical information about the Costa del Sol
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