Gandia is a beautiful town on the Costa de Valencia, capital la Comarca de La Safor, and a major tourist destination in the Levantine Coast

Gandia city has 78.000 inhabitants, but during the summer it can get to triple its population. Its good access, only 70km south of the city of Valencia, and its international airport are important factors that has become a tourist destination of reference, along with the beauty of its coastline, its heritage, its gastronomy, and its privileged climate and the friendliness of its people.


Marina Port of Gandia


The town of Gandia has 2 distinct nuclei; on one hand there is Gandia y el Grau, which is the area located on the coast and traditionally considered the fishing district. And about 3km there is the Gandía old town and the historical center of the town. The area of coast and fishing port have suffered a great development in recent years growing considerably. The harbor area also can be divided into the area of the fishing port, marina and commercial port.


Gandia port

Beaches of Gandía

Gandia beaches are one of the main attractions of the city, where quality and good facilities are assured. It’s more than 7km of coastline, with sandy beaches among which it highlights la Playa Norte, la Playa l’Ahuir or Venecia among others,  lively beaches, quiet beaches, bars and equipment for all kinds of water sports . The town has a wonderful promenade along the main beach of almost 3km long, ideal for walking or cycling.


Gandia beach


Gandia also has much to offer visitors looking for something more than sun and beach. It has a vast historical and monumental legacy, which includes the old town with its Palacio Ducal, cradle of the Borja family, and the Colegiata de Santa María.

Shopping enthusiasts will be pleased to know that on Calle Mayor they will find many shops of all brands, and also a shopping center called La Vital, with a cinema, restaurants and many stores.

There will be no time to get bored in Gandia!