Costa Almeria

Almería is unique for its diversity. Here you can sunbathe, surf and swim along the coves, dive through forests of Posidonia, hike, golf, visit the only desert in Europe and tour the charming mountain villages in the Sierra, where time seems to have stopped.

Deserts, forests, long sandy or rocky beaches, coves and cliffs, watchman towers that go along the coast and castles, all make up the beautiful and varied landscape of Almería. Along with its incredible subtropical and Mediterranean climate with 3,500 hours of sunshine a year, this coast has been the object of desire for many civilizations. Already today Almería has been and is the perfect setting for photography catalogs, advertisements and mythical Hollywood productions such as King of Kings, the Cid, Cleopatra, Conan the Barbarian, among hundreds of films.


clifs in Cabo de Gata


Along its 200km of coastline show up countless landscapes, some of them really impressive and with beautiful beaches such as Playas de Guardiasviejas, Balerma and Balanegra. From north to south the Almería coast is divided into the areas of Levante, Cabo de Gata-Nijar, Almería and Poniente, where we find some important tourist centers like Vera, Roquetas de Mar and its amazing beaches with crystalline waters, Mojacar, which is one of the prettiest villages in Spain, or Almerimar; all of them with a good tourist infrastructure so you can enjoy a perfect holiday.


narrow streets of Mojacar old town

beautifull streets of Mojacar old town


Along 200km of coastline, there are many landscapes, some of them really impressive and some beautiful beaches such as Old Guard Beaches, Balerma and Balanegra. From North to South the Almeria coast is divided into the Levante, Cabo de Gata-Níjar, Almería and Poniente areas, where we find important tourist centers such as Vera, Roquetas de Mar and its incredible crystal clear beaches, Mojácar one of the villages Most beautiful of Spain, or Almerimar all of them with a good tourist infrastructure so that you can enjoy a perfect holiday. Active tourism on the Costa de Almeria

Lovers of nature and active tourism are in luck, since on the Costa de Almería are unique places to enjoy hiking and biking, making a journey by canoe in the area of Cabo de Gata, caving, doing water or underwater sports amongthe best preserved colonies of posidonia in Europe;you only have to equip yourself and enjoy.


cabo de gata panoramic view


In Almería you will find a great cultural and historical heritage, the legacy of the different cultures that have inhabited these lands throughout the centuries since prehistoric times, through the Roman civilization of which many vestiges remain, the Muslim occupation that left their mark on the impressive and monumental Alcazaba of Almería, the Middle ages, the United Nazari, the Moriscos or the Modern Age to the present. All of this is a part of the identity of Almería. If you are looking for a place with charm (or, as the Spaniards say, a place with “solera”), rich in traditions, to learn and look around, look no further, the Costa de Almería is the perfect place.




In Almería you will find an ancient craft tradition. Most of their arts and crafts have a Roman origin and from other later civilizations, an example of this is the pottery heritage of Muslim culture, or the looms of the colorful “jarapa” (a cloth made from remnants of fabrics) which is now so fashionable to use as carpets. There are also the famous workshops craft of stone, like the famous marbles of Macael used in emblematic buildings of Spanish heritage likeMezquita de Córdobaand the Alambrade Granada and many more. Another great tradition is the Esparto, with which baskets are made, (a material obtained from the plant of the same name) but its artisans are increasingly difficult to find.

Without a doubt the Costa Almería, with its incredible film-like landscapes, its enchanting beaches, rich cuisine and the friendliness of its people, will catch you.

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