Each year more than 13 million tourists from around the world visit the island to enjoy this jewel of the Mediterranean; filled with historic cities and monuments, nature, beautiful beaches and a wide range of cuisine, leisure, and entertainment.

Mallorca, with 870,000 inhabitants, is the largest island of Spain. Mallorca, together with its neighboring islands Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera form the archipelago of the Balearic Islands and one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. The Mallorca international airport is in Palma de Mallorca, the capital and largest city of the island. Next in population is Calviá with 50,000 and Manacor with 40,000 inhabitants.




Mallorca enjoys a strategic location in the Mediterranean, a fact that was already aware by many civilizations in ancient times, encouraging the disputed for centuries by several civilizations such as the Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, and later the Christian re-conquest, all of them have left their indelible mark on the island. Mallorca enjoys a rich culture and has many vestiges of the past such as large buildings, watchtowers, castles and historic buildings scattered throughout the island. You can also visit beautiful villages where its history is very present: Alcudia, Pollensa, Artá, Andratx, Manacor… where you can wander, discover, shopping in their markets and enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere.


Marina port of Andratx


Amusement parks in Mallorca

The leisure and attractions offered in Mallorca are endless for those who want an alternative to the typical day of sun and sand; the island has a wide range of possibilities and several water parks and attractions such as el Aquarium de Palma, el parque de atracciones de Katmandú Park, and Western park in Magaluf just 14 km from the city center, Marineland, or Hidropark de Alcudia.




The beaches of Mallorca

The island of Mallorca has 550 km of coastline where we find 208 beautiful beaches of all kinds. We find beaches of fine white sand, hidden coves bathed by turquoise waters, cliffs, and wooded shores with palm trees by the sea that are a big claim to the island. Despite having suffered an accelerated and excessive tourism development in some areas of the island, the Mallorquines have kept the spirit of the island, with a maximum respect for the natural environment and preserving the beauty of its coast. That is something that all mallorquines are proud of.


Beautifull panoramic view of the Cala Llombards in Mallorca


Mallorca is nature

The island is a natural paradise and holds multiple protected areas, of which we can mention Parque Nacional de Cabrera, Parque Natural de Dragonera ,Parque Natural de S’Albufera, and Parque Natural de Mondragó. In its northeastern area, the island also holds the great Sierra de Tramontana, where the great mountain ranges of the Mediterranean fall abruptly, forming breathtaking scenery, dramatic cliffs, and coves. This Sierra was declared a World Heritage Site in June 2011 in the category of cultural landscape.
Other natural attractions of Mallorca are its caves, eroded over the centuries forming some wonderful, mystical places that we can visit as Cuevas del Drach, las Cuevas dels Hams, or Cuevas de Artá.



Cuevas del Drach



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Places in Mallorca

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