Protected by thick walls, Cádiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It has a special charm, being a cheerful, friendly, historical and cosmopolitan city where it is very easy to enjoy a vacation. It holds archaeological remains dating back to 3000 years ago when the Phoenicians settled in this sea tongue.



vista panoramica ciudad de cadiz

Cadiz panoramic view


Walking aimlessly in Cadiz

Cadiz is situated in a narrow sea, and this limited space generated a city of narrow streets, small courtyards and glazed balconies to collect light. As in most European cities, the most interesting area is the old town. From the Puertas de Tierra, you enter the walled city called also Barrio del Pópulo.


Main entrance to the Populo trouhgt the Puerta de Tierra

Puerta de Tierra ( main entrance to old town)


An ideal city for walking and walking aimlessly. From the City Hall to the Cathedral, the city has maintained its colonial style. It reached its peak in the eighteenth century when it was the main city in which trade between Spain and the New World was established. When people say that Cadiz reminds them of Havana, (although they should say it the other way around), they are certainly right, since the exchange between them and other ports of the American colonies generated call and return architecture.


Cadiz Cathedral

Cadiz Cathedral


Just after crossing Puertas de Tierra, you enter Barrio de Santa Maria, one of the oldest neighborhoods dating back to the fifteenth century, which is synonymous of flamenco, history and religion. Famous singers were made in these streets, where we find Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Iglesia Virgen del Rosario, Santa María, and Cárcel Real. In the seventeenth century, it was considered that Cadiz was unconquerable.




The old town had its sweetest moment in the eighteenth century thanks to the trading with the Indians. That was when most of the neoclassical manor houses of the rich merchants, that are still preserved in the historical district, were built. The distribution of the houses used to always be the same: on the ground floor were the warehouses, on the mezzanine floor were the offices, and on the first floor, decorated with elegant furniture brought from all over the world, lived the gentlemen, while on the second floor lived the servants.

Leaving behind this neighborhood, one enters Barrio del Populo, considered by many the most beautiful neighborhood of the city. Its narrow streets, old facades and squares breathe history on all four sides. You will be surprised at how welcoming and friendly the people of this city are, always welcoming visitors with open arms. The neighborhood is full of bars and taverns serving tasty tapas and tasty gaditana food.


Photos cadiz city

Cadiz old town


The roofs had a special prominence due to its watchtowers that besides giving prestige to homes, allowed the gentlemen to scan the horizon controlling the ships coming in and out of the Bay laden with their wares. Each tower had its own flag so that the ships could identify them from the high seas. Even today, there are 116 watchtowers standing. One of the best known is the Tavira tower that is visible from almost all of the city with a height of 45m.



Tamira Tower in Cadiz old town


Other places essential in the Populo district is the magnificent beach of Playa de la Caleta presided over by the Spa of Nuestra Señora de la Palma y del Real, and along with the castle of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian Castle coppices that form one of the most charming of the city. A meeting place for the people from Cádiz to come to sunbathe, stroll or drink in one of the many terraces enjoying the atmosphere of the city.


La Caleta beach full of people on summer

La Caleta beach


The beach of la Caleta is the only one that is located within the historic center of el Pópulo but is of course not the only beach in Cadiz since the city to be surrounded by sea, offers beaches for all tastes. Long beaches such as the Victoria Beach with good services and many places where you can eat or drink. Or also the small and charming beach of Santa María del Mar with the Cathedral of Cadiz as a backdrop or if you prefer paradise beaches will enjoy the Cortadura Beach on the outskirts of the city.


Santa Maria del Mar beach

Santa Maria del Mar beach


It highlights Plaza de las Flores and Mercado Central de Abastos, which are the liveliest and most entertaining markets of the city and the great Teatro Falla, which features a neo-Moorish style. It was recently renovated and in a short time, it has become more functional historic monument from the city of Cádiz.
Here live cameras of tourists come from all corners of the planet with the shopping cart with the housewives of most local houses in Cádiz. This is the best place to buy the best and freshest genre of meats, fruits, fish and seafood while you are visiting a beautiful monument of the city.


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