XÁTIVA or Játiva Xàtiva "the city that gave birth to the Borgia family" is one of the most monumental towns of Valencia. The city breathes history on all four sides.

Walking through the city center, visiting its streets, squares, medieval palaces and memorials is absolutely amazing. There, you can visit the birthplace of the Borgias, Monasterio de Santa Clara, Hospital Real, Plaza del Mercado or one of the most prominent buildings such as Colegiata de Santa María. Xàtiva is a pretty town inside the Valencia region with 32,000 inhabitants, capital of Comarca La Costera located south of the province of Valencia. The city is located about 65km from aeropuerto de Valencia and about 35km from the coast and beaches of this community.


Colegiata church of Santa Maria aeral view


This city is proud to have given birth to many famous people throughout history, artists such as José Ribera or inventors such as Francisco Paula Marti; discoverer of shorthand. But undoubtedly the most famous family who lived in these lands was the Borgia family. A clan marked by corruption, favoritism, ambition and ruthlessness. Another curiosity is Xátiva being the first place in Europe where paper was manufactured in the year 1144, under the Islamic empire.


Frontal façade of the Royal Hospital of Xativa


The Borgia family arrived in Sagunto thanks to King James I who after having faithfully served the Crown and collaborated in the Reconquista, granted graces and favors to them. Thus, helping to create a great lineage who got an unprecedented boost up to the higher social ascension, “el papado de Roma.” Alfonso de Borja became known as Calixto III after being named Pope of Rome. At the top of the castle of Xàtiva we can see a hall dedicated to this family, which explains in detail who this family were. There are also trees showing who was who in this clan.

Xàtiva was one of the most important towns of the Kingdom of Valencia, even rivaling Valencia and retaining a great artistic heritage despite being burned in 1707 during the Civil War. Its walls and towers surprise visitors from afar towering majestically over the town of Xátiva.





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