Santa Eulalia del Rio is the third most populous city of Ibiza and is located east of the island, just 14 km from the capital city of Ibiza.


This town has always been characterized by family friendly tourism, further away from mass tourism and the party style of Ibiza and San Antoni. It has the recognition and reputation of being a good gastronomic and cultural destination, with a great variety of restaurants, shops and an exclusive marina with large yachts.

This town owes its name to the river that empties into the township (today it is almost always dry) and also has the feature of being the only river in the island.



Santa Eulalia main promenade


Boats in Marina Santa Eulalia in Ibiza

Santa Eulalia harbour


Promenade de la Alameda

The beautiful Paseo Marítimo de la Alameda has several kilometres of length, its goes from Yacht Club to the mouth of the river where where its located Dels Mariners beach. It is beautifully bordered by large Palm trees that surround the entire main beach of Santa Eulalia and has countless terraces, bars, restaurants and shops which in summer is filled with life and animation.

We can stroll through the charming route that runs along the winding river that reaches to the Roman bridge, where you will find more or less halfway, a bridge that crosses the river and leads directly to the small cala Caló de S’Alga where a more rural atmosphere.


Main Promenade in Santa Eulalia and Main Beach

Santa Eulalia main promenade


Es Puig de Missa Church

On top of the hill, 52 meters over the sea level, stands in solitary splendor the fortified church of Santa Eulalia, this enormous whitewashed stone structure originates from the 16 Century .
This is the most important monument of the town, Santa Eulalia church its located on the top of the Puig de Missa mountain, a temple-fortress that occupies the top of the village from where they defended from Berber attacks and also served as a religious temple. The inside of the fortified church is dominated by the baroque altar, which was brought time ago from San Millán in Segovia over the sea. You will look in vain for further ornaments or splendor in this church

Next to the church we also find the ethnographic museum, the Museo Barrau, a small cemetery and the small network of simple streets and cobblestone streets typical of the island that once formed the core of the town houses. Today the heart of Santa Eulalia is located along the promenade in the tourist area.



Puig de Missa church


Hippie Markets in Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia also has the attraction of having two of the best hippy markets of the island, which are the Dalies and Punta Arabi markets. More than 40 years ago, when Ibiza was still unknown to mass tourism, it was where the first hippies came to the island attracted by its beautiful beaches, magical places and the friendliness of its people. Back in the 70s when the first stands were set up, there were just 4 or 5 places to attract the few tourists who came to the island and sell their handicrafts. The market grew enough until our days and have become a real symbol of the island, known and recognized throughout the world, with more than 500 seats for the thousands of tourists that visit. Offering food, crafts, clothing, footwear, jewelry, works of art, and concerts, these markets are a real spectacle in themselves.


Main entrance to the Punta Arabi hippie Market

Hippie Market


Inside the hippie Market Punta Arabi in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Hippie Market


As if that were not enough, Santa Eulalia has 22 beautiful beaches and sandy coves bathed by turquoise waters spread around its coastline, from S’Estañol to Aguas Blancas northeast of the island. The nautical station offers many possibilities to travel and discover its 45 km of coastline full of cliffs, beautiful beaches and magical corners. Rent kayaks, sailboats, surf or dive here.
In addition, many boats go out each day to explore the surrounding beaches, there are also excursions or trips to the neighboring island of Formentera available.


Aigües Blanques beach in Santa Eulalia del Rio

Aigües Blanques beach



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