You will fall in love with Alcoceber! Here, you will find a land of contrasts at the foot of the Sierra de Irta, bathed by waters of the Mediterranean with a wide cultural heritage and a privileged coastline that you cannot miss

Alcocéber is a beautiful village in the municipality of Alcala de Xivert on the coast of the province of Castellon, located at the foot of the Sierra de Irta. It has just 6,000 inhabitants and in recent years, has managed to become a major tourist destination of the Valencia Community. Its 11 km of beaches and its climate along with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities each year attracts thousands of tourists to these shores.


alcossebre port and marina


Like many municipalities of Valencia, Alcocéber was a transit region for many civilizations throughout the centuries which left their mark in the form of a cultural and monumental legacy of great wealth. El Castillo Templario  de Xivert, La Torre Ebrí, El prigo del Rey or la Ermita are some of the most monumental examples of Alcocéber.


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It has a beautiful marina called Port of Las Fuentes opened in 1985 and owes its name to the many sources of fresh water that flow on the shore and even into the sea. The port has 350 moorings of sport boats, workshops, restaurants, etc.

In the 11 km of beaches of Alcala de Xivert – Alcocéber you can find from long beaches of fine golden sand with good services and facilities to small secluded and wild coves. Of the 10 beaches and coves of the municipality, we highlight Playa de las fuentes, Playa Carregador , Playa Romana, la del Moro Cala Blanca or cala Mundina.


Romana beach , Alocossebre

Romana beach , Alocossebre

Alcossebre sunset



Another of the great attractions of this town is the proximity of the Columbretes Islands which are one of the most important protected natural parks of Valencia. A small archipelago of volcanic islands located 24 miles offshore, fully protected and of great environmental wealth, where you can take tours from the port.


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In Alcocéber, we find a welcoming place, a small group of fishermen and farmers now a tourist destination, where people are happy to welcome the thousands of visitors each year who decide to enjoy its beautiful and unspoilt coastline during your vacation.


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