A mediterranean city, cheerful and cosmopolitan with an imperial past and a bewildering trail of ruins that have given the honor of being a World Heritage Site.

Located south of Catalonia, Tarragona is undoubtedly mandatory for all those wanting to visit the Costa Dorada. This city is the capital of the province with the same name and, thanks to its incredible beaches, gastronomy heritage and a wide range of culture and leisure, receives more than 4 million visitors each year.

About 218 A.C
. this city was the capital of the vast region of Hispania and the first major Roman capital of the West, acquired its peak in the second D.C. century; then, the city was called Colonia Victrix Urbs Triumphalis Tarraco and for several years was the imperial residence of Emperor Augustus (7 BC -14 AD) who first ran the Empire from outside Rome, which is also known as Imperial Tarraco. The best wat to know the part of the history of the city is make the route of the Tarraco Roman.


Beautifull sunset in Tarragona city and cathedral


Tarragona old town and ruins

Archaeological Ensemble of Tarragona

Because of its great cultural wealth, the city was declared in 2000 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Simply enter this fantastic city and stroll through its streets to realize the great heritage of its Roman past. This Roman setting holds many buildings in very good condition and worthy of a visit such as the Roman circus, the amphitheater, the aqueduct Pont del Diable, or the Roman Forum. But this is only an appetizer of all historical traces that this city can offer the visitor, which is a representation in one of the most important archaeological museums of Catalonia, Museo Arqueológico Nacional de Cataluña.


Roman Anfitheater in Tarragona


One of the highlights of the city of Tarragona is Balcón del Mediterráneo, at the end of the Rambla Nova, which is a fantastic ride where Tarraconenses go for a walk, drink something and make purchases. At the end of the promenade there is a fantastic viewpoint about 40m above sea level, that offers fabulous views of the Roman amphitheater, the port and especially and most striking, the stunning views of the Mediterranean.



Tarragona’s Historic Quarter

Another place you can’t miss is the highest part of the city, the Old Town, a maze of streets and crowded narrow cobbled streets of historic buildings and palaces, the medieval area with its famous arcades of Calle Mercería, or the Jewish quarter. But among everything, what draws the most attention is Catedral de Tarragona dedicated to Santa Tecla Tarragona, with a beautiful cloister and Museo Diocesano where many religious treasures are kept. Plaza del Ayuntamiento with numerous local, terraces and shops, is a very lively place day and night, and is also the center of many festivals and celebrations of the city. Also worth visiting is the Museo Nacional Arqueológico, Museo de Arte Moderno and  Museo de Historia.


Cathedral of Tarragona photo collage


Very close to Tarragona, just 7km away, we find Castillo de Tamarit, located on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a beautiful romantic style castle protected as National Heritage Site.

Tamarit Castle Tarragona
The fantastic beaches of Tarragona

Tarragona city has a wide range of sandy beaches and calm waters among which we highlight the enormous Platja Llarga, Platja del Miracle, which are the most urban beaches, Platja de Tamarit with the castle in the background or the beautiful Cala Fonda surrounded by nature.


Fisherman quartier El Serrallo in Tarragona

Endless activities await you in the city

Tarragona is a commercial city, and therefore has a large network of stores and shops of all kinds, scattered through the Rambla Nova and its surrounding streets. Visitors can enjoy 2 large shopping centers, el Corte Inglés y Park Central where they will find the best brands and stores for shopping without leaving the site.

Visit the many Roman ruins, wander through the narrow streets of the old town, stroll down the Ramblas, go shopping, or enjoy delicious seafood cuisine in the seaside neighborhood of Serrallo, these are some of the many activities offered to visitors. And if you need more entertainment or to release adrenaline, you cannot miss a visit to one of the most important theme parks in Europe, Portaventura or Acuópolis water park.


Enjoy this beautiful video of the city of Tarragona


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