Aigües Blanques beach

Aigües Blanques, or playa de aguas blancas (white-water beach) is a beautiful beach of 300m in length about 4 km from San Carles and just a 10 minutes’ drive from Santa Eulalia. The shallowness of the beach, where the waves leave a white foam cover has given its name to this beautiful beach.



Aigües Blanques Beach is a beautiful sandbar in a natural environment, with craggy surroundings that have hampered the construction of houses or other buildings, for it has kept this wild place. On the beach loungers there are two bars where to quench your thirst and you can enjoy an exceptional view of the island Tamomago at the south.

This beach is considered a temple for nudists that, next to the beach of Es Cavallet, are the most important for this practice. The beach has an area of cliffs with rocks and clay materials that allow people to have mud baths. People say that the water has beneficial properties for the skin leaving it very nice and moisturized.


Aigues blanques



How to get to Aigües Blanques?

The road to the beach Aigües Blanques is not very easy but is well signposted, will have to reach the town of San Carlos past the bar Ca Na Aneta. After the bar Ca na Aneta tennis turn left mono and tennis take caution because on this stretch the road is narrow and curvy, be alert not to pass by the turnoff to the left entoncer you will see the turnoff to Aigües Blanques on your right.


The beach has a paid parking area in high season but the difficulty is a bit far from the beach. Keep in mind that there is a small descent to reach the beach Aigües Blanques.



Information about Aigües Blanques

Type of beach
Lenght: 300m
Widht: 15 m
Type of sand: arena fina
Type of beach: Familiar
More information: Location: Aprox. 15 Km. from Santa Eulalia and around 30 km from Ibiza.