Benirrás beach

Cala Benirras will catch you for its cove of white sand lapped by turquoise clear waters and surrounded by lush vegetation and rocks.



Cala Benirras is one of the most popular beaches of the island due to the feast of the drums held every Sunday for decades by the hippies of the island. It is 7.5 kilometers from Sant Miquel de Balansat , between the tips of Cova de s’Orenga and Blanca.
If you are looking for a quiet beach where you can relax and shut out the world surely this is not your beach, but worth getting here just to see this curious and rhythmic show at sunset. The car park in Cala Benirras is free although Sundays, mostly in July and August, attends so many people that it is difficult to Park


Turquoise waters in Cala-Benirras-beach-in-Ibiza


The sea bed is rocky which makes it excellent for snorkellers but not so easy to walk into…but that’s all part of the fun! It has good services and features like, three restaurants on the beach, markets , rent hammocks and parasols. Cala Benirrás sand is fine and clear , its clean and clear waters , has very little slope so it is an ideal place for families with children


Boats and turqois waters in Cala Benirras beach


The feast of the drums of Cala Benirras

The bay where is Cala Benirràs is a common point mooring boats and yachts who wish to enjoy the sunsets from a beautiful place like this also accompanied by the sound of drums coming from the beach every Sunday.

What spontaneously began many years ago by one group of hippies who gathered at this beach to enjoy the sunset to the rhythm of their drums, has become today a major event that is attended by hundreds of young tourists that want to enjoy one of the best sunsets of the island to the rhythm of the music played by dozens of mostly hippies with their drums improvising rhythms that are joining more and more people to the party as it approaches sunset , creating a very magical mystical atmosphere thanks to the warm light It is projecting from the sea.




Sunset in Benirras beach , Ibiza



Information about Benirrás beach

Tipo de playa
Lenght: 160m
Widht: 25 m
Type of sand: arena gruesa
Type of beach: Familly beach
Situation: 10 minuts by car from San Miguel