Cabo de Roche

A few kilometers from the center of Conil de la Frontera, in the province of Cadiz, we find one of the most beautiful and breath-taking landscapes of Andalucía.



Cabo de Roche marks the beginning of a rugged coastline, formed by steep cliffs and pristine beaches of great natural beauty. Here, in this wild environment, fortunately the hand of man has not yet succeeded in destroying this amazing place.


People walking in Playa-de-Roche-beach-in-Conil-de-Frontera


There is a parking area near Faro, but at certain times, especially at sunset, it can be a little harder to find a place to park the car because of the influx of people. Once you leave your vehicle, you must follow the path, which first consist of wooden and ground planks creating a pleasant walk along the sea to the lighthouse.




Faro del Cabo de Roche Features

Located near the fishing port of Conil, we find this beautiful beacon tower of 20 mts. built in the sixteenth century as part of a defensive system to protect the coast from pirate attacks.
In 1984, the defensive tower was restored into the lighthouse that exists today, which protects and guides sailors through the tides and the dangers of the coast. Today, the lighthouse is electric and its beam has a 25 mile reach.

The locals say that, on clear days, even the African Continent can be seen, although it’s hard. What can be seen from Faro de Roche is the imposing Faro de Trafalgar.
If you are lucky enough to visit the lighthouse at sunset, you will live a breathtaking experience.