Cadiz Museum

Visiting this museum is a must to understand the history of the city. Most of its construction belongs to the neoclassical style and is divided into three sections around a central courtyard.



The first section is the Archaeology one, whose remains come from major excavations of the Phoenician and Roman necropolis and submarine findings. Roman and Phoenician treasures that should be highlighted are: lachrymal, jewelry, grave and the amazing Phoenician sarcophagi.




A second section is intended for Fine Arts and have one of the largest art galleries in Spain with spectacular Baroque painting rooms which houses works by Rubens, Zurbarán and Murillo.
They also have a section of ethnology that holds the Títeres de tía Norica, a set of puppets that it seems were created in 1790.



Information Cadiz Museum


Adress: Plaza de Mina s/n, Cadiz
Telephone: 956 20 33 68
Timetable:.Monday closed.
Timetable summer and bank holidays : 15/06-15/09: 9.00h to 15.30h
Rest of the year: 9.00h to 19.30h
Price: Visitors from EU free entrance. Rest 1.5€