Cala Varques, Mallorca

Definitely a postcard-like beach, a place where an incredible turquoise sea rests between the rocks creating caves and forming a charming cove outside the usual tourist itineraries.

Cala de Varques is located 13 km from Manacor and is an unspoiled white sand beach surrounded by a large pine forest, considered one of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches of the East Coast of Mallorca. We can assure you that is simply a spectacular place.

Cala Varques is a wild beach without any facilities or services. A 100% natural cove situated between the Urbanizaciones Calas de Mallorca and Cala Romántica.


Cala Varques in Manacor


La Cala Manacor  is a small sea inlet, surrounded by rocks of low height and green forest with a white sand tongue of 50m long bathed by crystal clear turquoise waters that also has the attraction of featuring several stalactite and stalagmites in its surroundings, Cueva del Pirata, la Cueva del Pont or la Cueva del Xot that can be explored from there.
There is a small path that leads to Es Caló Blanc, where you will find the famous natural bridge of rocks that can be seen in many images of Mallorca.

An oddity: in summer, it´s quite common to find some cows lying quietly in the sand.


Incredible turquoise and clear water in Cala Varques Manacor


Cala-Varques-in-Manacor Beautifull pictures Cala Varques under water


How get to Cala Varques

The best thing to do to get to Cala Varques is heading to Manacor. Once there, follow the signs to Calas de Mallorca. The road to the beach is a narrow highway with many curves, so you´d better drive carefully. When the road ends, there is a junction where you have to turn left. Later, at about 150 meters, you must head to the first dirt road on the right. We warn you that this is a stony and difficult road for driving.
At the end you can leave the car anywhere. You will see a barrier with a chain, jump through it and walk down the dirt road for about 15 minutes to reach Cala Varques. Before you finally get to it, you will spot a little detour, but ignore it, just go straight to reach the beach. Precisely, one of the attractions of this beautiful cove is this beautiful decline.


Cala Varques in Manacor


Discover the incredible turquoise waters in Cala Varques in this video




Information about Cala Varques, Mallorca:

Type of beach
Lenght: 70m
Type of sand:Arena fina y blanca
More information
Location: 13 km from Manacor