Cala Vedella

A real gem south of the island. In this natural harbor of great beauty, protected by cliffs on either side and with an area of houses in one bank and a strip of white sand on the other, it has a very authentic atmosphere and is certainly one of the Ibiza beaches you need to visit.



Cala Vedella is a beautiful beach south of Ibiza, at 8 km from San Josep de Sa Talaia located in a fairly urbanized area. For many, it is one of the best beaches in Ibiza, for its beauty and for being protected from the wind and waves by these walls of rocks and cliffs.

With breathtaking views you swoop around and down to the picturesque bay of Cala Vadella, surrounded by pine-clad hills that are perfect for walks. The big, wide beach of fine white sand slopes gently into shallow waters close to shore – good for fun and games with the children




The waters are particularly clear and transparent in this bay, creating authentic natural pools. It has many services, restaurants and shops in the surrounding area as it is a fairly family friendly site frequented by tourists and Ibizan people in search of tranquility and being in touch with nature.
Having easy access and good services it is usually a quite busy beach in high season.




How to reach Cala Vadella?

You will find a detour on the PM-803 road at Sant Josep de Sa Talaia indicating the exit to Cala Vadella Cala Tarida.
Situation. South of the island 8k of San Josep de sa Talaia and 23 km from Ibiza



Information about Cala Vedella:

Type of beach
Lenght: 260m
Type of sand:Fine sand